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                        News – 90 years of the Botanic Garden of the Southern Federal University        


90 years of the Botanic Garden of the Southern Federal University


10.11.2017. 90 years of the Botanic Garden of the Southern Federal University. On its 90th birthday, the Botanical Garden in Rostov-on-Don celebrated, as it should, the University Botanical Garden with the International Scientific Conference. The scientific program of the conference was extensive and varied in accordance with the breadth of the claimed name - "Modern technologies in the study of biodiversity and plant introductions". The first days of the Conference were held in the Garden in Rostov-on-Don, which allowed participants and guests not only to share their experience and results in presentations and live discussions, but also to get acquainted with the territory, collections and infrastructure of the Botanical Garden of the Southern Federal University. And, of course, congratulate the Botanical Garden with his deserved and impressive 90th birthday.
Cherry on the festive cake, but rather the luxurious "festive dessert" itself was the further part of the Conference. The organizers invited all participants and guests to continue their scientific communication to Adygea, to the base of practices of the Southern Federal University on the Belaya River in the vicinity of the village of Nickel. This really became a special gift that the hosts of the Conference made to the guests. October in Adygea is not just a golden autumn, it's the autumn of all shades of gold, it's the whole palette, a hurricane of autumn tones and colors! Plateau of Lago Naki, waterfalls, rifts and valleys of the rivers Belaya and Syuk, fir and beech forests with the richest flora in the most incredible luxury of autumn flowers. A unique, preserved culture of cultivation of land and the use of natural resources is an inexhaustible source of ethnobotanical knowledge.
Sincere thanks to the University and the Botanic Garden of SFU for the invitation and creativity to the organization of the Conference. Sincere thanks to our Garden and the Administration of the Tver State University for supporting the opportunity to participate in the Conference. We will wait for a new opportunity to see the Botanical Garden of Rostov-on-Don and the beautiful Adygea. We will wait for interesting joint scientific and educational projects on the development and implementation of which we agreed during the Conference.
90 years - a great date, a date in the "step" from the century! Walk confidently to the future friends, Happy Birthday!


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