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                        News – And tomorrow - Spring :))!        


And tomorrow - Spring :))!


29.02.2020. And tomorrow - Spring :))! Winter was this season, and it seems it wasn’t :)! She wasn’t pleased with the snow, she wasn’t frightened by the frost. But in his last days, as if trying to prove his strength, he presented both snow and a little frost. But ... late :))! And on the last day of winter, the Garden invited guests to the traditional family festival "Finding Spring"!
We saw off Winter, and we met Spring fun and interesting! After all, these are the last days of Shrovetide, and therefore there were tea from the samovar, and pancakes, as without them. After all, the Garden always supports national holidays and traditions, in them there is not only the strength of our memory and unity, they also make great sense in understanding the value of the world around us and respect for Nature.
But, Shrovetide traditions in the Garden of the Soul are not just walks and treats, because the Garden of the Soul is the Botanical Garden of Tver State University. Guests of the Festival will always learn a lot about plants and the world of wildlife. Therefore, if the tea is botanical: exotic with rosemary and lemons from the Green Home and traditionally Russian with sprigs of currants and raspberries. Well, if there are pancakes, then with a story and an acquaintance with a lot of plants from which flour or starch pancakes are baked in different countries of the world. There were wheat and rye, linen and buckwheat, corn and rice, and even with Jerusalem artichoke :))! Home-made jam, which is made by employees of the Garden, but guests bring cups and mugs with them :), the Garden refused plastic disposable tableware! We made “snowdrops” from old plastic spoons :)) - The garden constantly thinks about how to use recycled materials.
A fun quiz about knowing the traditions of Shrovetide, family games in which are fun for both adults and children! :) We are sincerely proud that families come to festivals in the Garden and spend time informatively and fun together! Want to see a real Karelian weaving loom and learn about the device, the principle of its operation? And to try to weave ourselves a bright, like multi-colored rainbow spring sun rays canvas? Yes, please, and it was also possible :)! (thanks to the ethnomaster Tver Karelian "Kurchin-Murchin"). You are well versed in cereals and know a lot about the plants from which they are obtained? Well, let's play with knowledgeable guests :). Opaque linen bags, and in them? And in them you need to touch to determine and recognize the seeds of plants! Simply? And you try :))! We all had time, even searched for the first, but already very numerous "snowdrops" in the Garden Park! And, in the end, they still burned Winter :))!
Hello sweet, bright, warm and joyful Spring! With Spring to you, our dear friends! Sincerely yours, Soul Garden!


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