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Grandmother's windowsill


13.08.2017. Grandmother's windowsill. The best in the world and in our life, the brightest and most affable windows, the windows of our heartfelt love and our memory - Grandmother's windows. The annual traditional exhibition of flowers «Grandma’s windowsill» decorates the living room of the Garden over the weekend. "Grandma's window sill" is a joint gift to the garden guests from the Garden itself, but most importantly from our wonderful and enthusiastic friends - the club "Violets of Tver". The garden and our guests are sincerely grateful to our friends, because the Club "Violets of Tver" are people who are truly in love with the tradition of life in beauty!!
Familiar and newest varieties of Senpolias, bright and hearty Pelargoniums, lovely Tradescantia and Balsamins, motley Coleuses - all these charms were for guests. Exhibitions in the Garden are decorated with love in wonderful compositions in the garden living room. Not without fashionable favorites - they were varietal Streptocarpus. The most persevering and in love with flowers the guests of the Exhibition did not remain without pets, which they could buy and take in their own house, on their own window sill.
Lovely, touching and such home flowers - Senpolias, Pelargonium, Coleus, Impatiens. So much in these flowers of nostalgia and charm. In them the very tradition of the family and many decades and in some cases even centuries of indoor floriculture in Russia. The exhibition "Grandma's Window-sill" is a bright and very pleasant part of the ethnobotanical project of the Garden "Back to the Roots".
We remember traditions, we love our traditions. We sincerely believe that the tradition of growing flowers next to each other, the traditions of love of flowers help people to remain real people! No matter how pathetic it may sound, but it's true. After all, even if you just stood next to the beauty you will become at least a little, but better!


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