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                        News – "Talking Hands" in the Garden Lounge        


"Talking Hands" in the Garden Lounge


23.03.2018. "Talking Hands" in the Garden Lounge. Intellectual premiere - in the Garden passed the first master-class-raut with the member of the Presidium of the Tver Federation Go Maria Rozhdestvenskaya.
Ancient, Intelligent, Mysterious Game Go! 5 thousand years of reflection and secrets ... In China, in the historical homeland, Go is not accidentally called a "conversation of hands" or "conversation with hands", because Go is like a dialogue in which people are not communicating, but their hands that put stones on the board.
Go, like the projection of life, dreams and aspirations for the better. On this amazing evening, thanks to Master Mary, the guests of our Garden learned the history of this game, the basis of strategy, tactics and secrets of Go. Already after an hour of communication, a "conversation of hands" began!!! Guests of the evening played, played on the present, gambling and thoughtful, fun and sedate - all as in life, how many characters and situations, so many decisions and manners to live.
Playing Go in the Garden - strange or not?! We are sure that it is very logical and necessary. Let's start with the fact that in this unique "conversation with hands" the vanity of life leaves the consciousness and the modern rhythm is replaced by the measured time step that the thought lives on. But only after abandoning the bustle, you can give free rein to thoughts of the beautiful. Rhythm and wisdom of Go are very reminiscent of the rhythm and wisdom of living nature. Go has almost the same ancient history as the history of the amazing Chinese and Japanese gardens and tea culture. This evening we talked about the connection of times and "tried" time to taste! All guests of the Garden drank a unique tea this evening, made from leaves collected from tea bushes in the Green Home. The garden gave our guests an evening of a rare opportunity to compare the taste of fermented tea and tea, brewed from fresh leaves of Caméllia sinénsis. A pleasant gift for all was the tasting of the mandarins of our own harvest, when we again spoke of the ancient traditions, symbolism and properties of citrus fruits. All guests of the evening waited for a walk in the Green Home by candlelight.
We are sincerely grateful to the Tver Federation of Go and personally to Maria Rozhdestvenskaya and Sergey Teryaev for this wonderful evening in the Garden. We are sincerely grateful to everyone who was our guests this evening. Tea continues to grow, mandarins to ripen, and fields and stones for Go wait :)) new meetings!
Of course, there are always losers and winners in the game, but everyone won that evening. After all, all the guests of the Garden have discovered for themselves some more wonderful wise and amazing pages of Life. A life full of discoveries!


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