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                        News – Great opportunities for small gardens        


Great opportunities for small gardens


12. 07.2018. Great opportunities for small gardens. The initiatives of the regional branches of the Council of Botanic Gardens of Russia look absolutely wonderful. The most distant regional Council - the Council of Botanical Gardens of Siberia and the Far East is already collecting the "School of Young Introductors" five times.
In this year of 2018 the School passed on the basis of the Altai branch of the CSBSR SB RAS "Gorno-Altai Botanical Garden". "Geography" of the school participants is impressive, young employees came to study from the botanical gardens of Tyumen and Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, Yakutsk and Perm.
The program of the  School of Young Introductors was called "Great Opportunities of Small Botanical Gardens" and it is not an accidental name. After all, the Garden-organizer of the fifth school is the Gorno-Altaisk botanical garden, although it is a branch of the huge CSB SB RAS in Novosibirsk, essentially a unique small regional botanical garden. And there are dozens of such botanical gardens in Russia! And if the state of their collections and the professional level of employees at a good level, then the degree of demand for the gardens themselves in the regional communities and the ability of the gardens in terms of self-financing often deserve better!
In many respects, this was the focus of program  School of Young Introductors. Employees of the Gorno-Altai Botanical Gardens and Central Siberian SB RAS of the SB RAS introduced the young listeners of the School to methods of collecting and organizing scientific research on the basis of collections of botanical gardens, applied professional methods of caring for collections. "Frontman" :)) V School of young introductors became director of the Botanical Garden of Tver State University - Yuri Naumtsev. It's an honor for our little Garden. And it was a great pleasure. The themes of the presentations and master classes that our Garden presented at the School were very different, but all showed the potential of small botanical gardens both regionally and globally. The master classes revealed the potential of small botanic gardens to implement the targets of the Global Strategy for Plant Conservation, the principles of developing and implementing the potential of ethno-botanical projects, the interaction of Gardens with local communities, the principles of developing and conducting scientific, educational and socio-educational project work, approaches and methodology attracting extra-budgetary funds to the Gardens, modern principles of organization of the Gardens area and modern approaches to exhibiting collections.
We are sure that this knowledge was useful for the listeners and participants of the School. And that was interesting, also do not doubt. The atmosphere in the school was the most wonderful. Openness, friendliness, lively interest, creativity and a lot of questions. Separately, but it is necessary to say that a lot of master classes at the School were really interactive and were held right in the living environment of the Gorno-Altaisk botanical garden. And for this special thanks to the organizers, because this Garden is really unique with its location, collections, approaches to exhibiting and organizing the territory, its research projects. And, of course, with his friendly hospitality. A great gift for all participants of the School was a gift from the Gorno-Altai Botanical Gardens - a trip to the unique landscapes and natural communities of Altai - to the Seminsky Pass. An unforgettable sight of pine and larch mountain forests, flowering carpets anemone, primrose, gentian, and violets. A fabulous fusion of the bright summer of the mountain valleys and the spring of the mountain meadows.
We are sincerely grateful to the Council of Botanical Gardens of Siberia and the Far East for the initiative to hold the V School of Young Introductors, the Gorno-Altai Botanical Garden for the invitation and highly professional organization of the School, and hospitality, and the staff of the Botanical Garden of the Tver State University and the Administration of Tver State University for supporting the participation of the Director of the Garden, Yuri Naumtsev School as a moderator.
The sea of flowers "poured" through the meadows of the Altai - like the love of Nature to the World, reflected in snowy peaks and blue bottomless skies over the Altai mountains. We sincerely believe that, among such beauty, our young listeners from different parts of our vast Motherland were imbued with knowledge and, most importantly, with emotions and even more confident in their strength. We sincerely believe that these few days in the Altai in the amazing and unique Gorno-Altai botanical garden will be the beginning of a long road along the roads to the future of the botanical gardens of Russia.


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