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                        News – Poetry of the senses        


Poetry of the senses


02.06.2018. Poetry of the senses. Author's verses and music, happy eyes and emotional awe, emotions and even passions :)) - for the sixth time in the Garden passed the musical and poetic festival "The Upper Volga Readings".
Amazing in its warmth and beauty tradition! We still cannot get used to this happiness - to see every year at the beginning of summer in the Garden so many infinitely talented creative people. In this age of the lack of romance of every day, it is these Holidays that return true values to our lives!
The garden has become for many years a real center of cultural attraction for the creative elite, yes yes, just like that - the creative elite of music, poetry, literature, painting, theater of our city and region! And we are not just happy with this, we are proud of the fact that within the framework of creative festivals and holidays we constantly turn to the communication of people and nature, to the beauty of the world and to its wisdom and kindness. Poems and music in the Garden is not cheap entertainment, it is the comprehension of an infinitely beautiful living world, which we must love and store!
The Commonwealth of Writers of the Upper Volga Region is the organizers of this annual festival and the great friends of the Garden. Thank you - creative and bright people! You regain faith in the beautiful and true art of feeling life!
Poets, musicians - where do you get the miracle that we hear on your performances? Of course, from your heart and soul! Otherwise, the guests of this Festival, which every year becomes more and more, would not be so happy! :)))! Poetry of feelings - the poetry of life let it always sound in the Garden!


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