Botanical Garden of Tver State University
 Founded in 1875

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How can you found us?
Dear guests!
Location of Tver State University Botanical Garden: 16 Shevchenko lane, Zavolzhsky urban district, Tver.
Step 1. You should use the public transport (bus, tram, minibus) to arrive at stop Rechnoj Vokzal (River Station).
Step 2. Then head to the Komsomolskij avenue in the opposite direction from the center of the city and the river Volga.
Step 3. In the area of the River station square at the intersection of the avenue and Maxim Gorkys street You will see the stand-pointer of the Botanical Garden with directional arrows.
Step 4. You need to go along the Komsomolskij avenue toward the Hotel Yunost (Youth).
Step. 5. After the secondary school 35 building you need to turn right on the Catherine Farafonova street to the Tvertsa river.
Step 6. Shortly you will arrive to Shevchenko lane, from where you can see the Botanical Garden Park!
Step 7. Walk along the four wooden houses on the Shevchenko lane and you are in the Botanical Garden - WELCOME!

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Do not hesitate to ask for directions to the Botanical Garden!
Our neighbors, residents of Zavolzhsky district of Tver, are wonderful, friendly and very kind people! They are not only our good neighbors - they are our friends! They love us and will be happy to show you the right direction! We are very thankful and grateful for it! This will simplify your route and eliminate the need to memorize the way!
The garden is open for you every day from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and is waiting for you!
If you wake up early in the morning, do not hesitate - come a bit earlier.
If you want to linger on after closing you can stay
here until it gets dark!

Any garden member will be glad to meet you and answer your questions on weekdays from Monday to Friday. On Saturdays and Sundays the majority of the garden employees have the days-off, but the garden is always on the ground and walk in it is possible and can please you while our labels and stands that we have prepared and positioned on the garden territory for you will help you make your trip not only enjoyable, but also interesting and informative!
Unfortunately, the garden has currently no greenhouse for visitors, so in winter you can just walk in a beautiful snow-covered park, but can not see green and flowering plants!
The entrance to the Garden is not free!
Discounts are granted for children, students and seniors.
Once again we remind you our address -
16 Shevchenko lane, Tver
Botanical Garden of Tver State University
If you are unable to come or just miss -
send us a letter!
Our mailing address:
Botanical Garden of Tver State University
33 Zhelyabov street
 170000 Tver
e-mail: a message)
Want to talk on the phone? There's something to ask or clarify?
Call us +7 (4822) 52 53 18
Our fax is +7 (4822) 51 12 74 (with a note for Botanical garden)
Want to know about us more - visit our web-site:
Although if you're reading this you are already here and we are very happy!
So we definitely have something in common!
Dear guests!
Pay attention to the sections of our website:
Contacts (more)
Services (more)
Event calendar (more)

They are made specially for you and you may find them both interesting and useful!

Employees (more)
Here you can find professional interests and personal level of responsibility of each member of our friendly staff, e.g. if you want to ask questions more accurately and personally!
We are glad to see you!

Director of the Botanical Garden of Tver State University
Yuri Naumtsev



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