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                        News – Day open heart!        


Day open heart!


International Competition for family projects
the study and protection of trees in urban environments

Adopt a Tree! - Возьмите дерево в свою семью!
- Tver, Russia -

«We are responsible for those, whom we have tamed»

Antoine de Saint Exupery  


06.08.2014. Day open heart! Day open heart was in the Garden for the first time. This Memorial Day, a day of faith, a day of hope. August 6 whole world remembers the terrible tragedy - the day of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima. We must remember this. Day of a terrible error and day of the bright memory.
For the second year in the Garden of trees whose seeds were collected from trees of the memorial in Hiroshima. Since the trees that survived the horror of the atomic bombing, who survived and continue to live. People are dying, and the memory of the horrors of war erased, but these trees in Hiroshima continue to remind people of their fatal error, trees continue to live and give hope that we will remember and not let this mistake happen again. International project "Green Legacy Hiroshima" is an initiative to spread throughout the world of seeds and seedlings of trees that survived the atomic bombing in 1945. This initiative created and supported by Tae United Nations Institute for Training and Research - UNITAR (United Nations)) and non-governmental organization ANT- Hiroshima, as well as a group of partners and individuals. Thus, the organizers hope to attract the attention of all people in the world who are committed to preserving our planet for future generations free of the nuclear threat, preserving the memory of the victims of all wars.
Seeds are amazing trees of Hiroshima were planted in our garden in the spring of 2013. At the moment, from seed grown small trees and they live in our garden in her new home in his new family. These trees are small particles of one great life on Earth. Life, which still threaten the errors that continues to make humanity.
August 6, 2014 in the Garden in Day open heart gathered people who close the pain of the World, people whose hearts live by faith and hope for World Peace. Together with the inhabitants of Tver in this day in the garden were the Japanese, who live and work in Tver and Tver came to visit. It was August 6, 2014 in the Garden held a symbolic memorial planting the first tree, grown from seeds obtained from Hiroshima. Ginkgo biloba is a small tree planted that day in the Garden of Japanese girl Hitomi. It was a really special day. Sad and light on what we remembered all those who died in that terrible tragedy and remembered the story of a small Sadako, whose death with paper cranes in the hands shocked the entire world. Especially symbolic that another Japanese girl - Hitomi, who arrived in Tver with mom and life, is just beginning, planted a small tree from Hiroshima with his hands. But this day was a day of joy and and the belief that if we are aware of this tragedy, we will not let it happen again, if we are all together, regardless of the language and culture of the countries and continents we will be stronger. Ceremony Day open heart in the Garden began with a presentation of shadow theater. Children presented a Japanese fairy tale, a parable that is the greatest treasure of Japan - the children. But we are sure that the children are the greatest treasure for people anywhere in the world. Together, we once again remembered the touching story of a little Sadako and thousands of Japanese paper cranes. Large and small guests Garden cranes made ​​of paper and decorate their place of planting a tree from Hiroshima. Of course, our Japanese guests made paper cranes much faster than we are :))). We, together with a small Hitomi and her mom, we not only put the first tree from Hiroshima in the old park in our garden, we have released into the sky two white doves - the symbol of peace understandable without words and in all languages. Small tree from Hiroshima planted in the heart of our garden. It is here that there are plants of the three zones - Europe, Asia and North America. It is here that the trees grow, which together with the Garden survived the tragedy of the Second World War. It is here that we want to create in the future, "The Garden of open heart, memory, and faith."
Day open heart - to this day in the Garden was a lot of words about peace throughout the world, there were tears and smiles were wishes and prayers. Emotional and very moving day. We are confident that our objectives and activities of the International Competition "Adopt a Tree!» miraculously coincide with the meaning of the "Green Legacy Hiroshima." We chose Japanese trees in the family, a family in our garden, and all the inhabitants of the city of Tver. We have a common world and we should love it! Save this world and preserve life on our planet, we can just all together!
Remember the words of the Japanese children that have been written at the foot of the memorial monument in the Peace Park in Hiroshima - "This is our cry. This is our prayer. World Peace. "


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