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Department of Natural Flora



The formation of collections of "natural flora" of the Botanical Garden of Tver State University reopened in 1990, since the restoration of the Botanical Garden in the structure of Tver State University. On the garden in the grassy floor of the park and ground floor areas are preserved some plant species of natural flora of different phyto-geographical zones of the old collections of the Garden. These micropopulations of plants are of particular interest due to their many years of naturalization in the Garden. Among these species there is a group of spring ephemeroids - Scylla, anemones, Corydalis, herbaceous perennials - telekia, martagon lily, hazelwort, spring primrose and many others. About 600 species are currently submitted in the collections of the department. Particular attention is given to collections of rare and endangered plants of Tver region, orchids, vascular spore plants, European steppes flora, bryophytes. The experiments on the introduction of slime molds are started. The work on collecting and identifying mushrooms, growing on the territory of the Garden is being carried out since 2009.

The «Rare and Endangered Plants of the Tver region» stock collection, which is kind of «live» Red Book of the region in the Garden.
The collection consists of 170 species of vascular plants and 27 species of bryophytes. Of these, 90 species of vascular plants (53%) and 9 species of bryophytes (33,3%) are in the Red Book of the Tver region. We represent all the departments of higher plants. At least 30 species are on the introductory test for the first time. Much attention is paid to members of the family Orchidaceae (21 species), among them Orchismilitaris, Orchisustulata, Epipactisatrorubens, Cypripediumcalceolus, Listeracordata, Neottianidus-avis, etc. The collection of vascular spore plants is represented by 25 pteridophytes (including Botrychium lunaria, Ophioglossum vulgatum, rare in Central Russia relict species Diplasium sibiricum, Cystopteris sudetica, Gymnocarpium robertianum), 3 species lycopsids (Diphasiastrum tristachyum, D. complanatum, Lycopodiella inundata and Equisetum variegatum). Experiments on the cultivation of rare and endangered species of bryophytes in the culture. To date, the collection of the Botanical Garden of the TSU are 27 species of bryophytes (23 mosses and liverworts 4). Of these, 8 species (7 moss and 1 hepatic) are included in the lists rekih and endangered bryophytes area. All bryophytes are introductory tested for the first time.

Plants stock collection "Rare and Endangered Plants of the Tver region," presented at a series of exhibitions "The unique natural complexes of the Tver region, exhibits departments of natural flora, ornamental floriculture, nurseries Garden. All plants are equipped with special specialized labels.
Plants of the natural flora dispersed throughout the Garden within the range of exposures. Among them, "Systematic Garden" - traditional for the university botanical gardens reception Exhibits plants. On the territory of a "systematic garden" collected more than 220 species of plants, located on the system of Engler. Botanical Garden of Tver State University Botanical Garden, the most northerly of the world, in which the collection and set up displays of plants of European steppes. Most of the species collected in the collection of natural habitats.
For submission to the territory of the Botanical Garden of Tver State University plant stock collection "Rare and Endangered Plants of the Tver region," the department of natural flora by the establishment of exhibitions on the unique natural complexes of the Tver region. Exhibit mimic fragments of ecotopes and landscape, provide an opportunity to present specific species composition.
In the garden sold a number of projects to develop exhibits on the unique natural complexes of the Tver region. Supposed imitation of the most interesting fragments of these complexes. When founding expositions were taken into account the natural features of the microrelief in the Garden. These informal natural exposure are located in the park area. Near the historic stone arch bridge, through which come into the pond water, which filtered into the bypass canal from the stalls Garden, created exposition «Mineratrophic marsh». On the territory of the plot of mixed forest of Central Europe, the park is framed with the exposition «Staritsa’s Gates», representing the elements of the most interesting parts of the valley of the Volga River with large outcrops of carbonate source rocks.
An artificial microlandscape with slabs of limestone and marl. The eastern side of the pond on a slope is formed exposition Vyshnevolotskaia - Novotorzhsky shaft. The park, on the territory of plants in Siberia and Altai created exposition "Valdai Hills"

Theoretical and practical principles of design exhibitions of unique natural complexes of the Tver region - one of the areas of integrated project "Introduction of a way to preserve biodiversity, which is being developed in the Botanic Garden of Tver State University since 1998 and is characterized by education and outreach Garden.
Preservation of regional biodiversity - priority of the department of natural flora. More information about the activities in this area you can find on our website in Biodiversity Conservation (details).


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