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                        News – The palace gardens of elves        


The palace gardens of elves


24.02.2017. The palace gardens of elves. It is ethereal and unearthly perfect orchid - rainbow shards, spark of love shone all of February in the Garden living room. The exhibition of orchids in the Garden is waiting with special impatience not only our guests, but we ourselves. Garden staffs, too, like children with bated breath every year meet tropical regal guests. Our exhibition every year traditionally is called "Rainbow Sparks of Love", but every year we are looking for its implementation a new topic. And we find :)! This season, bright spark of love beautiful orchids shone in palace gardens of elves!
Living room of the Garden for a month turned into a luxurious and unusual palace gardens. Fabulous gardens, gardens lovely, dramatic and romantic gardens at the same time. Unusual garden stories, magic theme, ethereal aromas, unusual shapes and colors like a fairy-tale love telling stories. Orchids "said" inaudible language of flowers but each guest is invited to a reception at the palace gardens of elves heard his own story ... a story, like a beautiful melody of the wind, history, sounding like a secret spring, story, and eternal as time - a love story!
From the "lion gate" overgrown with snow-white phalaenopsis, guests of the Garden took place in the palace halls and living rooms, dining rooms and conservatories, garden rooms and alcoves. There, among the royal orchid fluttered and welcomed visitors elves made magic hands Milena Filipova and Nina Bolotina. Furniture and accessories, housewares and designer interior decorations filled the palace gardens of elves shopping network «Green store». Palace bronze and porcelain, lamps and cloths decorated gardens designers florists flower salon "Gold Petal". Vuylstekearas and Miltonias, Oncidium and Paphiopedilum, Phalaenopsis and Cymbidium, Cambrias and Wanda - bright sparks of love! Music life, colors of life, the breath of life - a life filled with love for the beautiful creation of nature!
We have not forgotten amidst tropical beauties of orchids and our native, loved ones, and these fragile and rare Northern orchids. The walls of the palace halls were decorated with collages with photos and stories of life of rare and endangered orchids of the Tver region.
How kind, enthusiastic and touching comments and thanks written in the book of guests of the Garden about wonderful exhibition of orchids. And we are grateful! We are grateful to you - our friends and partners who helped to give guests a Garden flower fairy tale, we are grateful to you - our guests, who touched the world of beautiful flowers, we are grateful infinitely generous and amazing nature! Wildlife of our planet infinitely beautiful and we truly believe that people, who have been enchanted by the beauty of orchids at the exhibition in the Garden, opened his heart and soul to the bright celebration of life! We sincerely believe that people in love with wildlife, has become more!


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