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                        News – ECO-evening on New Year's Eve in the Garden of the Soul!        


ECO-evening on New Year's Eve in the Garden of the Soul!


25.12.2019. ECO-evening on New Year's Eve in the Garden of the Soul!
A friend of the Garden, a public figure and simply, a wonderful person - Diana Golovchenko, invited guests to the Garden lounge to talk about how each of us can become "environmentally friendly." It was a warm meeting and it was lively communication. An evening where you could feel and once again realize that "ecology" is not just a fashionable expression, but the opportunity to see a healthy and happy planet and our loved ones on it.
The Garden of Souls wholeheartedly loves the writer Antoine de Saint-Exupery and often recalls his words: "We did not inherit the Earth from our ancestors - we just borrowed it from our children." Undoubtedly, the preservation of the ecological state of the common House for our children lies entirely on our shoulders. After all, no one will argue about the importance of quality food, water, air and the environment as a whole.
What was this warm evening conversation about? About very important, but such simple, and sometimes just forgotten things! A string bag, a canvas bag and a package from a newspaper, a glass jar :) remember? Just after all. We talked about packaging and reusable bags, environmentally friendly bags and much more! The Muse of the Eco-Evening is Diana Golovchenko, who has been engaged in volunteer projects for a long time. A few years ago, with the participation of Diana, the first separate garbage collection point was opened in Tver. From that moment, the installation of plastic nets at the container sites of our city began.
Diana knows how each of us can reduce the amount of garbage by handing household waste to recycling, discarding disposable dishes and bags, replacing them with reusable bags.

Guests of the ECO evening listened, talked, thought, smiled and were sad and drank fragrant tea from reusable cups! :))))
When, if not before the New Year and Christmas, the most magical holidays, to talk about an environmentally conscious lifestyle? The whole ecologically conscious style and way of life for millions of people of our Planet in our time has become akin to magic! But, this is such a simple and pleasant magic in a cat, each of us can easily become a real Wizard !!!

The garden is sincerely grateful to all the guests and the main enchantress of the Eco-evening, Diana Golovchenko, for the warm, cordial and such useful communication!
See you soon!


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