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                        Ecological Education        

Basic directions and forms of activity


Conducting training sessions on the basis of the Garden

Ecologival activities

Ecological camp for schoolchildren

Creative Holidays

Training seminars for teachers and trainers

Interactive exhibition (models, visual aids)

Information Technology. Visual interpretation of activities.


Promotion and Publishing

Working with the media






Ecological Education




In a city where the person is under stress and divorced from nature, the green zones, combining objectives of education, recreation and nature conservation become the particularly important areas.
Botanic Garden of Tver State University is a renowned academic, educational and outreach center for the Upper Volga. Convenient location in the heart of the city of Tver makes the garden an accessible place to visit for the citizens and residents of the Tver region. Each year the garden is visited by over 15 thousand people and the number of visitors is growing.
The visitors of the Garden are different target groups: pre-schoolers, school children, students, adults, senior citizens, people with disabilities. Botanic Garden, representing an example of continuity of the historical development, shows potential for the sustainable existence and serial changes and is a convenient model platform for learning, education, education and communication.
This means, we have a unique opportunity to carry out the educational process in the "natural grade under the open sky." Following the biocentric approach, we developed a special educational program, which allows you successfully use various modern teaching technologies, forms and methods of educational activities aimed at the emotional perception of nature and involve in it visitors of the Garden.
The educational program in the Garden, based on a system of different approaches and methods, which include a systematic approach, integrating approach, interactive learning, problem-learning, learning through collaboration, the method of the priority of moral values, etc.
When communicating with visitors, we use both traditional forms of educational and outreach activities - trips, observations, interviews, lectures, seminars, workshops (focused primarily on the development of rational thinking and cognitive behavior), and activities directed at the emotional perception of nature (including creative, artistic activities), staging and conducting the experiment, work in small groups, learning through cooperation, "brainstorming", role-playing games, aimed debates, stage adaptations, the problem decision (training) tasks, conservation activities, creative and interdisciplinary training and research projects aimed at solving environmental problems (targeted at creating the conditions for the combination of rational and imaginative thinking, cognitive behavior and activity).
Visitors to your garden are active participants in the educational process and that enables them to expand significantly the range of received knowledge, skills and complete their basic education in schools without significant time and material costs. Participants are provided with additional opportunities for learning and communication what allows us apply the forms and methods that are not available in the limited indoor facilities (classrooms and auditoriums) and make the learning process more transparent and efficient.

We are always glad to see you in the Botanic Garden of Tver State University!
Employees of Department of Environmental Education and Awareness of Botanic Garden of Tver State University.





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