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Garden Friends Society


"We preserve the plants for your life in a sustainable world"

Our dear guests! Dear friends!
 If you are reading these lines, we definitely have something in common!

Botanical Garden is open for wide cooperation with individuals, public, governmental and commercial organizations, both in Russia and abroad in a good, beautiful and noble concern - the studying and conservation of wildlife!
Excellent exposition of the Garden excites visitors’ emotional lift and demonstrates as well as possible the implementation of not only scientific calling but also the social mission of the department. We don’t just live near the plants, we deal with them as human beings and probably that is why in the botanic gardens we can remind people of the beautiful, but so defenseless world of plants. Sometimes it is imperceptible, but that's a whole incomprehensible, beautiful and amazing world. This world is able to warm the hearts of all people, whoever they were. You just have to open your heart to this world and just listen to its quiet and easy breathing. Listen to the rustle of grass, to the sound of trees, to the scent of flowers, to the buzzing of bees. This is a special language, but it definitely can make us ignore the pace of modern life and smile. It is the world, the world of plants that makes us happier and makes our hearts be softer and kinder.
Every year, we grow in understanding how fragile and dear to us the world around us is. And no matter that anyone of us in this case thinks of huge expanses and the entire country, others operate the knowledge-based terms of biodiversity and environmental protection, and the other simply imagines a blade of grass at the door of his house. But this is the blade of grass that makes the full biodiversity of flowering meadows and that blade of grass will have nowhere to grow if the field will disappear. Little always depends on large and the great always sums of small things. We are more frequently talking about how we want our children and our children's children see the same wonderful world, as we know it. We started talking and thinking about the sustainability of this world. So the concept «the sustainable development» has appeared. The term "sustainable development" is a really good and noble concept. Indeed, there is no doubt that it is noble to regulate our own needs in any, especially natural resources, due to thinking about future generations, striving to ensure their right to see and enjoy all the benefits that are available to us. Goodness and people’s kindness to the outward things are the heart of sustainability.
We are convinced that only joint efforts can achieve results in difficult but beautiful and noble work on preserving plants.

We invite you to visit our garden, we invite you for collaboration!

Botanical Garden Director,
Yury Naumtsev





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