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Act Beautiful


10.08.2017. Act Beautiful. The mission of our long-time friends and partners of the network of Tver boutiques Yves Rocher is very close to the Garden. Yves Rocher is a natural herbal cosmetic, the use of secondary and bio-degradable materials, large-scale environmental projects. And the staff of Yves Rocher has deep knowledge of the world of wildlife and plants, the active components of which are the main components of their products.
Therefore, the friendship of the Tver boutiques of the campaign of Yves Rocher with the Garden is priceless and unprecedented :)). You can learn about plants and nature, studying in classrooms and offices, or you can go straight to the Garden. In direct contact with plants and their extraordinary beauty.
A friendly team of employees and consultants of the Tver boutique network Yves Rocher spent many hours in the Garden. But it was worth it! A cheerful search for puzzles on the theme of plants in the Garden has become simultaneously an educational adventure. After all, you can discuss the aromas and properties of plants as much as possible by the example of the most cosmetic products. But, it is a special pleasure to really recognize these plants, to be directly acquainted with them and personally check whether they smell great, how they say and write about it, and whether they are really tasty :))! The team of consultants of the Tver boutique network Yves Rocher was looking for lavender and rosemary, thyme, linden, tagetes, nasturtium in the Garden. And along the way I got to know a lot of plants that make up the glory and pride of the products of the Yves Rocher. It was a joint team search and discussion, giving knowledge, broadening our horizons and, most importantly, giving an understanding of the value of nature and the world of plants.
Now it's common to talk about team building, corporate culture, team training and many other things that sound, and it looks quite official! And we had a wonderful evening, at which real friends together learned a lot of new things and simply dissolved into the beauty of the magnificent Garden. We are very glad that the Garden is useful to our friends and partners who are not only wonderful specialists, but also wonderful people with sympathetic hearts and an attentive soul.
«Act Beautiful» is not only the motto of the campaign of Yves Rocher - it's just words with a wonderful meaning. The garden is the real beauty in action. The garden is waiting and loving its friends. The garden is glad to guests!


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