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The program of conservation of historic landscapes

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A series of expositions The unique natural complexes of Tver region

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Laboratory of Landscape Architecture




Botanic gardens are usually regarded as the unique scientific and educational facilities, the centers of research, storage and conservation of plant resources. At the same time botanic garden saves almost untouchable historic landscape of the territories and regions in which they were once based. Based on extensive and diverse collections in botanic gardens people make a variety of landscape and garden exhibitions.
Typically, the botanic gardens are located within the city limits or just nearby it. Urbanization inevitably imposes irreparable imprints on the landscape of modern cities and entails a risk of violation of the unique historical areas. But it is the botanic garden, which is able to demonstrate examples of stable existence of natural areas within the boundaries of modern cities much greater than other types of urban green sites.
The need of a comprehensive study of historical and cultural heritage of botanic gardens and arboreta is recognized by the International Council of Botanical Gardens (BGCI) as the critical challenge for modern botanical institutions.
The main trends of modern development of botanic gardens are associated with increases in their role in the inventory and study of biodiversity. This should give the separate attention to the study and conservation of landscapes, because sustainable existence and development of any individual plants or populations cant exist without it. Not only pristine, partially or completely altered natural landscapes need study and preservation, but the artificial historic and cultural landscapes, especially gardening, too.
The rehabilitation of the historic landscape of the Botanic Garden of Tver State University and the establishment of new landscape and horticultural exhibitions began in 1989. The park expositions, formed by the botanical and geographical principles and created for displaying systematic and eco-morphological collections are being restored. The expositions that mimic the unique landscape complexes of Tver region have been created since 1999due to the project "The introduction as a way to conserve biodiversity" in the program "Strategy of biodiversity of Tver region. A separate area - the development and creation in the Garden series of so-called "Small Gardens". Development and formation in the Garden series of so-called "Small Gardens" is a another area. These series of expositions combine compact size, but expressive and complete composition created in different historical and cultural styles. The first one was the Boat Garden created in 2001.
In the development and establishment of this exposition take part not only the staff of the Botanic Garden, but also students, schoolchildren, groups of adult volunteers.
To create, maintain and work with exhibitions at the Botanic Garden of Tver State University is formed a system of coaching or management of exhibitions, developed according to the Regulations for the curator of the Botanical Garden of Tver State University accepted in 1999. Several expositions are supervised by employees of certain departments; a number of exhibitions is submitted for a mixed coaching by several divisions.





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