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Main Event


Green Home. Far from 1989, a wooden extension from two log rooms to a neighboring house. Stoves on wood, a cold toilet on the street and a column for water 500 meters from the Garden. Territory of the Garden without fence and water for irrigation. Destroyed and lost buildings and small architecture. Lost collections. And the old park - overgrown, littered with broken trees park. In this form, our Garden returned to the university in the distant 1989. In this ruined form our Garden returned our city to the university. It may sound and not too pleasant, but it was so! People who came to the Garden in that distant year of 1989 were special. They were dreamers in love with life!
We all dream! Of course, our dreams are different, but always beautiful. And the brighter the dream, the sometimes longer the way to it.
We dreamed too. We dreamed that we would restore collections and exposition in our beloved Garden, build a new house and, of course, a greenhouse - a real one, with tropical and subtropical plants! Dreamed and lived, dreamed and worked, dreamed and believed! And we did it :)) !!! Everything was gradual, everything is not easy, but everything is beautiful! The path is 28 years old, difficult, but beautiful! And here he is, the moment when the dream comes true, well, almost completely comes true :))! Collections, expositions, the new house and, finally, the "Green Home" - the new garden greenhouse - is open! We unleashed a red bow with the rector of the Tver State University Lyudmila Skakovskaya, as if on a New Year's gift, on the openwork gates in the Green Home. A gift to our university for his 100th birthday, a gift to our Garden guests for the New Year, and, of course, a gift to us :)))! Green house - a special house, a common home! Tver State University built the Green Home, equipped it with equipment and acquired the largest plants. The botanical rarities for the Green House were immediately given by three leading gardens of our country - the Botanical Garden of Peter the Great, the Botanical Garden of the Moscow State University "Apothecary Garden" and the Main Botanical Garden of the Russian Academy of Sciences. And a huge number of friends helped to make the Green Home the most beautiful and spiritual: the Novotorzhskaya Yarmarka, the Tver Foundation for the Development of Culture "Father's Home", the Labbra-Tver boutique, the Avaev Clinic and Karina Konyukhova, the Tver boutique chain Yves Rocher, the Landscape Style and the Botanica69, the Pechatnitsa, The Tver Academic Philharmonic, the store of the Kingdom of Cheese, the designer Tatyana Konyukhova, the Flower Studio "Golden Petal" and Oksana Sarkisyan, the Landscaping Arboretum of Minnesota, the Real Touch studio, the Tver Imperial Palace and the Tver Picture Gallery, TYUZ and the Tver Drama Theater, Makeeva Tatiana and many, many others. Indeed, our wonderful common "Green Home". A low bow to you, sincere thanks, heartfelt thanks !!!!!
Words at the opening ceremony were few, but they were warm wishes, confessions and words of admiration.  But smile, communication, delight and surprise from the meeting with the beautiful world of plants was a lot :)! For us, there was a lot of excitement before the assessment and opinion of colleagues from the leading botanical gardens in Russia. But everything went well :)). "Green Home" was praised and his first premiere was a success:) !!!! There was time for working with the definition and verification of plant etiquettes, with discussions and recommendations on the conditions of keeping our green tenants, the acquaintance of the curator of the "Green Home" Galina Makarenko and her star colleagues. And already in the evening it came to champagne and to the birthday cake in honor of the birthday of the Green House :)! There was even a direct inclusion with congratulations on-line from the orangery of the Botanical Garden of Peter the Great in St. Petersburg!
Of course, it was not easy to get to the official opening ceremony of the Green Home. But, not because we were not happy with all the guests, it just so happens that at the time of the official opening there are many including working moments. But in a few days, when we take into account all the wishes and comments of our eminent colleagues, the doors of the Green Home will open for all our guests! We are waiting for you, our dear friends! We love you! And we wish you - dream !!!! Dreams Come True!


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