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Main Event


Botanical Gardens in Society: Visions for the Future - 6th Global Congress of Botanical Gardens. The most important event in the world community of botanical gardens, which occurs once in four years - the 6th Global Congress of Botanical Gardens was held in Switzerland. The Botanical Garden of Geneva and BGCI have organized the largest and most grandiose event for more than 500 professionals from all inhabited continents. Just two birthdays of the main organizers of the Congress were celebrated by its participants - 200 years of the botanical garden of Geneva and 30 years of the BGCI.
Dozens of reports, presentations, meetings, round tables, seminars. A large-scale exchange of experience, methods, achievements, knowledge, success. The main theme of the Congress is "Botanical Gardens in Society". This is a modern trend and the main trend. The latest innovations in the methods of garden work around the world are aimed precisely at interpreting the results of research conducted by botanical gardens for ordinary people of all ages, social groups and professions. Science, education, marketing, management for the conservation of plant biodiversity through communication with society.
For our Garden it was extremely pleasant to see the main theme stated at the Congress. Indeed, back in 2004, it was in our Botanical Garden of the Tver State University that the International Conference "Life in Harmony: Botanical Gardens and Society" was held. We became the first botanical garden in Russia, which 13 years ago made the idea of ??finding a place for botanical gardens in society in the new reality of the modern world as the main topic and its work and discussion at the international level. Of course, we could not miss the Global Congress, which was held almost under the same motto.
The Botanical Garden of the Tver State University stated two oral reports to the 6th Global Congress and it was very pleasant for us that the Organizing Committee of the Congress approved and accepted both reports for participation in the Congress. The first report was devoted to the unique project of the Garden "Kneel before the plants" about the experience of working in living collections of spore plants, in particular with bryophytes. The Botanical Garden of the Tver State University is the only botanical garden in the world in a temperate climatic zone, where for more than 23 years there has been a steady collection and exposition of bryophytes in the open ground. The second report our Garden has done in co-authorship with our partners and friends is the Minnesota Landscaping Arboretum. According to the general opinion of the specialists of botanical gardens from different countries of the world who attended the presentation, it became one of the most interesting and emotional in the Congress. "Gardens for the Soul" is exactly what this report was called. It was a presentation of the 15-year experience of joint work of two gardens in Russia and the United States on the development, testing and implementation of a unique innovative method of communication between Gardens and People. The report "Gardens for the Soul" revealed a special philosophy of the work strategy for the world community of gardens in the modern world. Science, education, enlightenment through feelings and emotions. Methods of attracting to work in the Gardens and the work of Gardens of ordinary people. Methods of open hearts and finding a way to hearts. Philosophy of the life of the Gardens to achieve success together with ordinary people who can and must support our goals, our thoughts, our dreams.
Within the framework of the Congress, the Garden Owner - the Botanical Garden of Geneva has repeatedly invited all the participants to literally dissolve in the space in the territory of their Garden. Live communication, presentation of new expositions, unique collections. Modern methods of exhibiting and maintaining collections - from the collections of living plants, to the herbarium. A new ethnobotanical exposition was presented. A competent, beautiful, well-groomed Garden with a clear organization of space, unusually friendly to the people who come to it. Organizing Committee of the Congress was organized for the participants of the tour in familiarity with nature and the history of Switzerland. We visited the stunning gardens and the gardens of the Prangins castle on the shores of Lake Geneva and the mountain Arboretum Aubonne in the vicinity of Lausanne. The organization of the Congress was excellent, and the hospitality of the Geneva Botanical Garden and its staff was warm and heartfelt. We are infinitely grateful to the Chief Gardener of the Botanical Garden of Geneva, Nicolas Freye, for the plants that were transferred for the collection of our Garden. So we became relatives with the botanical garden of Geneva :)), because now we will raise green kids from Geneva to Tver.
In addition to acquaintance with the experience of the work of the botanical gardens of Switzerland, we had a unique chance to get acquainted with the tremendous, modern innovative experience of gardening the urbanized spaces of modern cities by the example of Geneva. This is a real extravaganza and a triumph of greenery, plants of local flora, enduring perennials, flawlessly-flower beds, preservation and revival of traditions.
We are sincerely grateful for the support of our participation in the 6th Global Congress of our partners and friends - the Landscape Arboretum of Minnesota and personally Peter Olin and Peter Mo, as well as Tver State University.
Botanical Gardens in Society: Vision for the Future. And in the future - Botanical gardens as a provocation. So - botany rules the world :) !! people know about!


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