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3rd International Conference

ЂLiving in Harmony:Botanic Gardens and Society Ц Dialogue without Bordersї

Tver, Russia
13 th - 16 th September, 2013

Gardens can more than do, and do much more than people know about!

Dear Friends and Colleagues!

It is our pleasure to invite you in the ancient Russian city of Tver for a 3rd International conference УLiving in Harmony: Botanic Gardens and Society Ц Dialogue without BordersУ, 13 - 16 September 2013. We shall be happy to see you on a visit to the Botanical Garden of Tver State University.

We gently love our small Garden. It is a wonderful place. It is impossible to feel sad here, or if you are sad, then it is only a light and romantic sadness. All adversities retreat while in our garden. Our garden is a shelter from the turmoil of life. Its kind, it's friendly, it's caring. Our garden hears all; understands all and remembers all. The whisper of its leaves is comforting and soothing the fragrance of its flowers plunges into our dreams. Our garden is honest; it doesnТt hide anything from you. Our garden doesnТt hide from life, it just lives! 

As with all gardens it has an amazing miracle: the change of the seasons!  Autumn, winter, spring, summer! Just as in life, each season has its charm.  How much paint, how many impressions, how much joy in waiting! In autumn - a miracle of the bright carnival colors of autumn foliage. In winter Ц a miracle of the soft rustle of snowflakes and frosty sparks on each twig. Spring Ц a miracle of tender leaves and touching first flowers. Summer Ц a miracle of fragrant blooms, a flight of butterflies and humming bees. It is all in our Garden! 

Our garden is small; dear and close. A small garden in a huge country, it is a Russian garden! It has affected the whole wide soul of huge Russia. Even in a drop of water, you can see the whole world! 

We are different as all our Gardens are different. But it is wonderful. My colleagues, you and I have chosen a difficult but astonishingly beautiful and noble profession, a profession that is more akin to a way of life, our way of life - to love, to study and to protect plants of our common planet. We keep plants for life in a sustainable world!

Our dear guests, friends and colleagues
we wish you luck, happiness, joy
Peace to you and your family and friends
Peace to your Gardens, our common Gardens of life!
Welcome to Tver

With all good wishes,
Sincerely Yours,
Yuri Naumtcev
Director of the Botanical Garden of Tver State University


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