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                        News – Mosses in gardens: myths and reality        


Mosses in gardens: myths and reality


20.09.2012 Mosses in gardens: myths and reality. The article of researchers of the Botanical Garden of Tver State University Ulyana Spirina and Yuri Naumtseva was published in the last journal of the BGCI - BGjournal (vol 14, №2). This article is really a great success! This is the result of more than 20 years of research on the possibilities of preserving living collections of bryophytes in botanical gardens.
Until now, the Botanical Garden of the Tver State University remains the only botanical garden in the world in a temperate climate, where there is a stable live collection and an exposition of bryophytes of this scale. The very title of the article speaks for itself! Indeed, the conservation of bryophytes ex-situ in the form of living collections for a long time remained rather from the field of myths, and not reality. "Kneel before plants" - an integrated scientific, educational and socio-cultural project, which is consistently implementing the Botanical Garden of Tver State University since 1994. It was then that the employees of the Botanical Garden of the Tver State University took up the development of techniques for the cultivation and conservation of bryophytes ex situ, which was virtually unknown and not tested in a temperate climate. A long way, a lot of problems and unknown challenges were overcome. More than 50 species of bryophytes of different systematic and ecological groups we grow at the moment in the Garden collection at different expositions. Especially for exhibiting bryophytes and other spore groups, a unique "Secret Garden" display was created.
But this is only part of the problem! After all, all the articles of this issue of BGjournal are united by a common and somewhat unexpected topic - "Conservation horticulture: Making a garden a botanic garden"!!! The theme sounds unexpectedly – conservation gardening in the gardens. But this is actual, very relevant at the present stage. Ex situ plant biodiversity conservation in botanical gardens is a priority at the present stage - what is it? First of all, banks of seeds, spores and tissue cultures! It's innovative, it's fashionable, it's technological! But are there positive affirmative answers to the main question - is there any guarantee that the material that was stored in such banks within a few decades can be adapted to the real conditions of growth and life of the plants themselves in the future? Not only we, but the entire international community of botanical gardens, are confident that at the present stage of the development of botanical gardens we should not lose the classic skills of gardening, growing and preserving living plant collections. Especially some groups of plants, for which these techniques are sometimes created and developed for the first time. As it was done in the Botanical Garden of the Tver State University for Bryophytes.
For our Garden mosses in the garden are not a myth it's reality. Complex, but simply amazing, beautiful and in demand reality. We are sincerely pleased that our work in this direction was in demand, and most importantly understood, not only by the narrow professional community of bryologists or even botanists, but by ordinary people - guests of our Garden. "The Secret Garden" is one of the most loved and visited expositions in the Garden. And definitely we are pleased that in this issue of BGjournal the article from our Garden is represented in the truly "star" company of gardens and specialists from the botanical gardens of Edinburgh and Kew, Oakland and Phoenix, Santiago, etc. It is an honor for us that we were able to adequately represent the Russian botanical gardens.
Mosses in the gardens are a wonderful reality! Beautiful in its filigree and exquisite sophistication. Mosses in gardens - Botanical science that opens people truly secret, but such a wonderful world of plant life. Mosses in the gardens invite people to kneel before the plants!


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