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                        News – The new capital is the new Botanical Garden        


The new capital is the new Botanical Garden


03.07.2018. The new capital is the new Botanical Garden. One of the youngest capitals of the world - Astana received a gift for its 20th anniversary. At the initiative of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev, a new botanical garden was opened in the city.
New botanical gardens are opened in the world not every day and even every year. But the botanical gardens, created by the Heads of State and personally present at their discovery, can certainly be counted individually. The more significant not only for the community of botanical gardens, but for all residents of Kazakhstan this event.
At the initiative of the Astana City Hall, international experts from Russia, France, Belarus, Ukraine, Germany were invited to Kazakhstan. The delegation from the Botanic Gardens community of the Russian Federation was Director of the Botanical Garden of the Tver State University Yuri Naumtsev. On the eve of the opening of the new Garden in Astana a round table was held, at which issues of creating and managing botanical gardens at the present stage were discussed. A group of international experts visited the new botanical garden before its opening and had an opportunity to get acquainted with the layout of the territory and expositions, both open ground and greenhouses. The Botanical Garden in Astana is a bold experiment, as the city is located in extreme climatic conditions. But this is part of a large-scale experiment not only to create a new young state capital, but to create the so-called "green belt" of the city of Astana, part of which became the new botanical garden. Like the new botanical garden, the "green belt" of Astana is one of the initiatives of President Nursultan Nazarbayev. This is not an act of a politician and an official, it is an act of a real person who grew up on his native land and who loves his native land. After all, already now, only 20 years later, a kind of "green belt" of hundreds of thousands of trees is planted around Astana, planted in the steppe. For Kazakhstan, whose territory is largely forestless, this is a strategic step, and for the young capital of Astana and its residents, this is a real opportunity to make the microclimate in the city much softer, improve air quality and create large-scale green areas. Moreover, it is especially important to note that planting around Astana is also a large-scale experiment on the introduction and acclimatization of woody plants in the zone of extreme steppes, because unlike many other countries in the world, these plantations form plant communities without artificial irrigation.
Of course, such work would be impossible without the experience and high qualification of Kazakh botanists. Creation and preparation for the opening of a new botanical garden in Astana would also be impossible without close supervision by professionals, which became employees of the Institute of Botany and Phyto-induction of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Main Botanical Garden of Almaty under the leadership of the General Director Gulnara Sitpayeva.
We sincerely thank the mayor's office of Astana for the invitation and support of the visit to the opening of the new botanical garden! We are grateful to the leadership of Tver State University for understanding, approving and supporting all international cooperation programs that our Garden implements.
The new botanical garden in Astana - what is it? Spacious, planned with a truly presidential scope and at the same time cozy and thought out for ordinary people. The garden is still very young and yet does not impress connoisseurs of botanists with a variety of collections. But in this Garden there are so many hopes and belief in the future - in the "green" future! Not only in the "green" future for Astana and Kazakhstan, but for all of us, for all of our common and beloved planet. Congratulations to you Astana - Happy Birthday and Happy Birthday of the new Garden!


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