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                        News – From the monastery garden to the botanical garden        


From the monastery garden to the botanical garden


18.07.2018. From the monastery garden to the botanical garden. "We change the world for the better" - this is how the Rotary motto sounds for 2017-2018 Rotary year. The friendship of the Garden with this international organization has been counted for many years. After all, the goal of Rotary is to serve the society where you live, the professional field in which you work, and the whole world. Is not this a wonderful goal? The garden fully supports such aspirations of our friends. And what exactly are friends important? His support and loyalty, and even the fact that often on his birthday they do not like to receive gifts, but to give gifts themselves.
This year the Tver Rotary Club turns 22 years old and in this symbolic year for Rotarians in the Garden a new long-term beautiful and kind project "A Garden That Inspires" was launched! Together with the Tver Rotary Club, Tver magazine Renome, a long-time friend and partner of the Garden, became the project coordinator.
Together, we thought for a long time about what can be presented to our beloved Garden. And then they remembered the dream! And we have dreamed for many years about a new exposition - landscape, cultural, historical and deeply symbolic. We dreamed of recreating in the Garden fragments of the layout of the first botanical gardens and monastery gardens, which became their prototype in Europe, the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. The project of this exposition with the symbolic name "From the Garden of the Monastery to the Botanical Garden" was created in the Garden more than 5 years ago, but it is quite large for our small Garden and we could not begin its implementation in any way. But for what then are friends important? :))) And now the start is given! The project partners Rotary Club Tver and Renome magazine were invited to participate in it remarkable partners who have become our friends from this day and this event: Doctor Bobrik's Clinic, Kava Recreation Center, Medovaya Gorka cottage settlement (Igor Bobrik, Ekaterina Zernova), holding Afanasy (Maxim Larin, Vadim Deshevkin), the group of companies Decart (Dmitry Khilkevich), the Grand Hotel Zvezda (Ljubov Shpagina, Ilya Fast, Nika Bulgakov), the travel agency Calypso (Maria Evstigneeva), the agency New Fashion Look (Evgenia Akmayeva). These are not only significant and significant for our city and region enterprises, firms and people, they are also people with a big heart and a generous soul. Thank you very much for your support!
Thanks to the Tver Academic Philharmonic (led by Tatyana Salnikova) and Musorgsky Musical College (head Zara Kruzhkova) for the wonderful music that this day sounded in the Garden. Thank you for supporting the Peace Foundation represented by Sergei Rogozin and the administration of the Tver State University. And, of course, thanks again and again to Rotary Tver (Galina Ershova) and Renome magazine (Nina and Vyacheslav Metliny).
So, the first fragment of the new exposition "From the Garden of the Monastery to the Botanical Garden" is open. And even if it's only the beginning and apple-trees, roses and medicinal spicy herbs are still very young and just beginning to grow. But, as they say in Russia - "A good start is half done." The new garden will grow and become beautiful every year and the Garden will wait for all its friends. And the guests of the Garden will be immensely grateful to all our friends for such a gift.
The garden that inspires - this is our Garden, this is the Garden that blossoms in the soul of each of us, when we give the world good and beauty!


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