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Open Heart to Nature


27.05.2017. Open Heart to Nature. The International day of biological diversity is celebrated all over the world at the end of May. This International Day was proclaimed by the UN General Assembly in 1995. The problem of the protection of rare species and unique natural communities has no boundaries and nationality, this is a common concern for all of humanity. But how can each of us take part in this grandiose global work ?! And it's simple and not easy. The main thing to understand and follow the remarkable motto - "Think globally - act locally!"
The Botanical Garden of Tver State University has been working for many decades in the direction of studying and preserving regional biological diversity, and therefore global. In 2005, a scientific and educational project "Open Heart to Nature: Understanding the Importance of Biodiversity Conservation by the Local Community" was developed in the Garden. For more than 10 years, which the Garden realizes this project, a lot of useful, interesting and important was done. But all these years we dreamed that our Project would "come out" and beyond the Garden. For many years we proposed the Administration of the city of Tver and the Tver region to organize in the public places special compositions and gardens from plants of the regional flora, including rare and endangered. After all, we clearly understand that all work on biodiversity conservation depends on attracting to it not so much specialists, as the most ordinary people, who are much more in the world. It is from them - from ordinary people and will determine the success of the work to conserve biodiversity in general. And where does the participation of ordinary people begin in any important work, both research and public? From dating, during which you can see the reality of the "participants" of the process. After all, most ordinary people simply do not even know what rare and endangered plants look like!!! That is why we consider it so important to give people an opportunity to get acquainted with plants directly and see how they grow and blossom, how their life goes on, learn something important and interesting about these plants. And it means to influence the feelings and emotions of people!
Of course, in the Garden, not only in collections, but also in expositions, many plants of the regional flora, including rare and endangered. This kind of "Living" book of rare plant species. But we have dreamed for many years that this "book" could be "read" outside the Garden. And now it has come true! :))) The beginning is necessary! Together with the Government of the Tver region and the Administration of the city of Tver, within the framework of the XVII regional press festival, a special flower garden was planted with plants of the regional flora on the territory of the municipal City Garden. Participants of the festival, as well as officials took part in the planting of plants, but the main ordinary residents of the city are adults and children. All plants were grown from seeds in the Botanical Garden of Tver State University. Among the plant species that were planted in the Municipal Garden and three species listed in the regional Red Data Book: Ligularia sibírica, Eupatorium cannabinum and Salvia glutinosa. While there are few plants, this is only the first step.
We sincerely hope that this event will not become just another "action"! Our Garden once again invited the Government of the Tver region and the Administration of the city of Tver to start working together on the project "Open Heart to Nature" and not only continue to work on further development of the flower garden with regional plant species in the City Garden, but also to implement other types and forms of work on the project In the field of science, education and enlightenment. "Think globally - act locally!"


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