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                        News – Bringing Nature to the city        


Bringing Nature to the city


17.09.2018. Bringing Nature to the city. The doubly anniversary meeting - the 10th International Congress on Education in Botanic Gardens on Education was held in Warsaw, in the Botanical Garden of the University of Warsaw, which celebrated the 200th anniversary these days!
“Bringing Nature to the city” - it was under this slogan that the Congress passed. Botanical gardens really bring Nature into the cities, make Nature close, native and understandable, help Nature feel to every person who comes to the botanical garden. More precisely, it should be in an ideal botanical garden. Therefore, presentations, seminars and round tables, all communication at the Congress was about how to make each botanical garden an ideal place for people and Nature to communicate!
300 experts from almost 50 countries of the world gathered in Warsaw and it was sincerely nice to see at this important Congress of representatives at once 7 !!! Botanical gardens from Russia. This is the largest representation of Russian gardens in the forums under the auspices of the BGCI in recent years. And the geography of the presentation of Russia was impressive - from Kaliningrad to Sakhalin! Presentations and poster presentations were also presented by Russian gardens. Including the work of Russian gardens in international alliances. It was especially pleasant to be present at the session, which was held at once by three Russian gardens - Irkutsk, Vladivostok and Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, about the results of work on the development of educational initiatives in alliance with the American botanical gardens. It was joyful to see the poster report from the initiative volunteer group of the Main Botanical Garden of the Russian Academy of Sciences. The educational initiatives of the Botanical Garden of Moscow State University "Apothecary Garden" and the Botanical Garden of Peter the Great were presented at an expectedly high level.
The Botanical Garden of the Tver State University presented at the Congress in an alliance with our long-term partners - Landscape Arboretum of the University of Minnesota, the results of many years of research on the philosophy of communication of the botanical garden and people at the present stage of development of society.
A special gift at the Congress for our Garden was a session organized by the Public Fund “Initiative-Archa” on the results of the work on the revival of the Botanical Garden of Bishkek in Kyrgyzstan. It was the Botanical Garden of Tver State University that stood together with our friends and partners from Kyrgyzstan at the origins of the Initiative-Archa Public Foundation, forming a team of international experts to develop the Strategy for the revival and development of the Botanical Garden in Bishkek and at the beginning of active promotion of the idea of ​​not just reviving the botanical garden and the creation on its basis of the Asian Mountain Garden, the largest in Central Asia.
Separate attention at the 10th Global Congress was paid to the results of the consideration of new approaches to one of the most important GSPC targets, which is concerned specifically with the promotion of the idea of educating people in botanical gardens for biodiversity conservation. New approaches that were considered at the GPPC-2018 Conference in Cape Town.
In addition to the work at various venues of the Congress, its participants, with the help of the Organizing Committee, had the opportunity to get acquainted with how the slogan of the 10th Congress “Bringing Nature to the City” is being implemented in Warsaw. Moreover, not only in the botanical gardens. And here it should be said that from the point of view of organizing green areas, Warsaw can compete with the most advanced world capitals. This applies to urban landscaping and maintenance of historic parks and preserved natural reserves, almost within the city limits. The historic Park Łazienkowski and Wilanów, the Kampinoski biosphere reserve, city parks and squares and, of course, the botanical gardens. Urban gardening not only decorates the city, but also stylishly and competently makes the urban environment - an environment for a comfortable life. Moreover, if you can just admire the landscaping of streets, squares and parks, then some urban sites really cause respect. And of course, the Botanical Gardens of Warsaw is the perfectly organized Botanical Garden of the Academy of Sciences and our favorite and always hospitable Botanical Garden of the University of Warsaw. It was the Botanical Garden of the University of Warsaw that celebrated the 200th anniversary of the founding of the Congress.  We once again congratulate our friends on their birthday! The Botanical Garden of the University of Warsaw can be a model of the European Botanical Garden - thoughtfully planned, saturated with excellent and informative collections and expositions, with an interactive and information-rich territory and excellent educational programs.
As a result, we have once again seen how important it is to constantly remain at the very forefront of international cooperation and the best international initiatives. We are sincerely grateful to the team of the Botanical Garden of the Tver State University and the Administration of the Tver State University for supporting the opportunity to participate in the Congress.
The following conclusions can be considered the main recommendations of the past 10th International Congress on Ecological Education in Botanical Gardens:
- The importance of understanding that it is the support of the social needs of our guests (visitors) and the use of their experience will lead to the preservation of the gardens themselves and their work and to intensify our efforts!
- The main cooperation! We will not be able to achieve sustainable success and do it alone.


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