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                        News – Birds of the beloved Garden        


Birds of the beloved Garden


16.02.2018. Birds of the beloved Garden. Family Festival is a very symbolic name for meetings that regularly gather guests to the Garden. And not only because families and adults and children come to these festivals. And also because thanks to these festivals, we understand that both plants and birds and animals and insects are also our close and native, also members of a common big family on our common planet. This is also the family festival "Bird's Canteen", because it is difficult, it is impossible to imagine not only nature, but our lives without birds singing, without their twittering and impetuous flight.
But, what do we know about the life of our feathered neighbors? How can we help them, especially the snowy, cold and long winters? That's about this and more, about many other things, our traditional family festival "Bird's Canteen" in the Garden.
A great friend of the Garden, Doctor of Science, Professor Andrei Zinoviev, has become our guide-interpreter on the language, habits and peculiarities of birds for several years. Andrey Zinoviev is an ornithologist with a world-wide name, therefore, to make with him an exciting and informative journey through the Garden Park is a great success and pleasure. Winter secrets of our feathered friends, with the help of Andrei Zinoviev, become close and understandable to every guest of the Garden. How to recognize birds by voices, silhouettes and footprints in the snow, the better and tastier to feed in winter, what our feathered friends need, what are the features of their life next to people. For all these and many other questions the guests of the Garden receive answers from a person for whom birds are not just an object for scientific research, but a part of life. For the Garden it's a great honor that it was Andrei Zinoviev who in fact became the "face" of our Festival and we are sincerely grateful to him.
Also, according to tradition, at the Festival there is a contest for the best bird feeder. The main condition of which is a bird feeder should be made with your own hands. Petunin Igor made a real sensation this year. All three of his feeders were real masterpieces from the point of view of ornithology and from an artistic point of view! It was he who became the winner of the Contest for the best feeder and, in addition to other prizes, the holder of a subscription for a semiannual free visit to the Garden. Our congratulations:)! Darya Savenkova also awarded a special prize for the trough. The Garden Park could admire and photo exhibition "Birds of the native land", who’s author was Sergei Litvinov. Sergei is a beginner, but already very skillful photographer and the Garden and his guests are sincerely grateful to him.
And, of course, also by tradition, in the Garden Park of all guests waited for our botanical tea with berries and herbs from a real samovar. With undisguised pleasure and even pride, we observe and note that more and more guests of the Garden, at our request, bring their own cups and mugs for tea. The number of disposable plastic cups that we use, from festival to festival is less and less. You are great fellows, our favorite guests.
Family Festival is held, but the birds continue to live with us and we sincerely believe that your heart is open to friends of love and attention to them! And we hope that there is a small part of our efforts in this. Thank you, friends!


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