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                        News – Birds, People and the Garden        


Birds, People and the Garden


27.02.2021. Birds, People and the Garden. Meet in the Garden of the old park at the family festival "Bird's dining room" long-standing and good tradition. What a blessing that after almost a year's break, when we could not invite guests to the Garden for meetings, we are together again :)!
So :), together we went to the park of our beloved Garden of the Soul on an informative ornithological journey under the strict guidance of Andrey Zinoviev - a world-famous ornithologist, doctor of biological sciences, professor. And Andrey Zinoviev is also the head of the Department of Zoology and Physiology, Vice-Rector for Research Activities of Tver State University, Corresponding Member of the Moscow Society of Nature Experts, a member of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, the Russian Bird Conservation Union, Menzbirovsky Ornithological Society, St. Petersburg Academy of Noosphere Development , International Society of Zoological Sciences, International Ornithological Union, Society of Vertebrate Paleontology, Society of Avian Paleontology and Evolution and ... the list goes on. It is a great joy, good fortune and a great honor to have the opportunity of live communication with a scientist of this level.
We are sincerely grateful that for many years Andrei Zinoviev, together with us and being a great scientist, has found the time and, most importantly, the right words to convey knowledge about the secrets of ornithology and other secrets of wildlife to every guest of the Garden, both adults and children! We recognized birds by their voices, memorized their silhouettes, searched for birds among the tree crowns with binoculars and discovered touching and very interesting facts about the life of birds both in nature and in the city.
Of course, another family tradition festival "Bird's dining room" in the garden, why it is called, is a contest bird feeders. For the family festival "Bird's dining room" this season, whole teams of schools and kindergartens made feeders, and, of course, at home, with the whole family. School № 51 took the most active part and provided its feathered friends with many strong and convenient feeders. Pupils of the preschool group of school №38 distinguished themselves by preparing interesting "canteens" from recycled materials. Pupils of schools №53 and №18 did not stand aside. They approached the design of their feeders in a non-standard way: they burned images of birds on wood, used seemingly unnecessary things, such as CDs, styrofoam, plastic packaging, to their advantage. And the guys from the Regional Pre-University Complex were even able to use cardboard boxes from New Year's gifts and other interesting materials. The smallest sections of the Competition from kindergarten №108 were pleased with the unusual shapes of feeders in the form of animals.
The best was the trough of Arseniy Senchenko, a pupil of school № 53. The boy made a feeder convenient for different species of birds and cut out wooden elements to decorate the structure during labor lessons. The winners were determined, of course, under the professional guidance of Andrey Zinoviev, and the winners, like many active participants, received prizes and gifts. And all the guests were waiting for our signature botanical tea with bagels from a real Russian samovar :))!
The Garden sincerely thanks all guests, adults and children, all those who made feeders for our little feathered friends! Thank you, our dear friends, you have big and bright hearts! And let all the birds of our city and especially our Garden :)) sing for you!


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