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                        News – Early botanical spring!        


Early botanical spring!


25.03.2021. Early botanical spring! Hepática nóbilis blooms in the old park of the Garden of the Soul. The staff of the Garden noticed the phenophases of coloring and the beginning of the dissolution of buds in this tender and beautiful our native snowdrop this season on March 25! Early? Definitely very early!
You say spring! Of course, spring, but for more than 30 years, researchers at the Botanical Garden of Tver State University have been conducting phenological observations of the plants in our collection, noting how the phenorhythmotypes of plants pass and change, that is, the timing of their regrowth, flowering, fruiting, etc. Of course, there are earlier data and observations, because the Garden of Souls is more than 145 years old.
However, the herbaceous species of the local natural flora, to which the Hepática nóbilis, were much less susceptible to a shift in the rhythms of their development than the labile species from other, including more southern regions.
For the first time, the flowering time of the Hepática nóbilis shifted catastrophically last year, when its flowering in the Garden Park began in mid-February. But last year's winter was simply abnormally warm in Russia, we hardly saw snow and frost. But this year, the winter was classic, with a bitter 30-degree frost, an abundance of snow, and in terms of time withstood all Central Russian canons. Plant species of the local regional flora could be expected to develop according to their normal rhythms. Now - the Hepática nóbilis, nevertheless, blooms on March 25! While the classic timing of flowering of Hepática nóbilis in the Tver region is the second half of April-early May!!!
What does this mean? About the fact that no matter how many copies are "broken" about the processes of climate change - this is really happening! Following the climate, which is "loose," plants, and natural species of the local flora, begin to "fever". The natural phenorhythmotypes that determine the normal annual life cycles of plants cease to be stable, even if the weather of the seasons, like this winter, practically returns to the classic cycle.
We are not discussing the causes of modern climate change here, we are simply stating the facts of our scientific observations. Although, of course, our observations will be analyzed and not only by our researchers. The Botanical Garden of Tver State University is a member of the Climate Change Alliance of Botanic Gardens (CCABG), which, unfortunately, has very few Russian botanical gardens. Of course, we will share our data with colleagues and discuss what conclusions and predictions we can make.
Friends, but for us and for you, the beginning of the flowering of each plant is still a joy and a holiday :)))! We are waiting for your visit! Share the arrival of Spring with us!
Yours sincerely, Soul Garden


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