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Drawing the plants together


29.05.2017. Drawing the plants together. Artistic, emotional look at flowers, plants, nature - how important is it ?! We in the Garden are sincerely sure that it is very important. And for some people with a creative and romantic outlook, only this view of nature can open their hearts and souls and interest them. Feelings and emotions in science! It sounds almost like an innovation :)), but this is the approach we always used in our work in the Garden. This approach is becoming a priority in the work of botanical gardens around the world at the moment.
"Drawing plants together" is the name of a series of artistic master classes that have already become a tradition in our Garden. For more than 20 years the Garden has been friendly, cooperating and working together in the artists of our city. And since 2006, within the ethnobotanical project "Back to the Roots", a special methodology for organizing and conducting such master classes has been formed. The peculiarity of these meetings is that they draw not only and not so much artists. Draw ordinary people, ordinary guests of the Garden and adults and children, and our friends artists they are helpless. They help not so much to learn how to draw, how much to look especially at plants, on the features of their structure, on the depth of their life. Artists help to awaken in people a special feeling of beauty.
The recent meeting at the next master class in the Garden lounge was both ordinary and unusual at the same time :)! This time the main models and stars were sunny daffodils. But the main trainers were just two artists - an experienced coryphaeus and a beginner, but already a mature student. Lyudmila Gurina is a friend of the Garden and an artist from God. Oleg Vasiliev - student Lyudmila Gurina is already quite confidently wielding the brush.
In two hands they directed the guests of the Garden in the master class. And there were funny stories and tales from the life of artists and art schools :)), fragrant herbal tea with cakes :)) and author's inspiration !!! As a result - each student left with his own picture of narcissus in the technique of watercolor graphics.
Do all our guests love nature after this master class for life? Not sure:). But, we are absolutely sure that in their hearts there were wonderful moments of communication with nature, there were joyful emotions of discovering in oneself the talent to see the beautiful in the surrounding world. Let it be for someone it will be only the first step to understanding nature and understanding its secrets! The road will be mastered by the going-draw the plants together!


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