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                        News – The same age as the Victory!        


The same age as the Victory!


International Competition for family projects
the study and protection of trees in urban environments

Adopt a Tree! - Возьмите дерево в свою семью!
- Tver, Russia -

«We are responsible for those, whom we have tamed»

Antoine de Saint Exupery  


09.05.2017. The same age as the Victory! Our Birch, not just the same age as the Great Victory, she is a living witness, feat and pain, joy and tears, and most importantly - the memory of the people!
Our common Competition "Adopt a Tree!" Gave us an amazing, wonderful, just extraordinary happiness - familiarity with the tree of our Victory. Beauty Birch on the Erofeeva Street in downtown Tver was planted on May 9, 1945, when tidings of great joy - Victory Day learned all our vast country. The whole vast country that waited and believed. Waited and believed for many years the most terrible war. Pain and tears, resentment and rage, anger and grief from loss, destruction and famine - all atoned for this Victory! On this day, the winners laughed and cried with happiness! Anyone who manages to survive and wait for this Great Victory Day!
Birch has become a tree for us, and for several years already on the Day of the Great Victory - on May 9 people gather near the Birch. Adults and children. Veterans and children of war, residents of our city and its guests. They are going to touch the soul of a warrior wounded by war. There was a holiday near the Birch and this year, on the Day of the Great Victory - May 9, 2017! And again, touching words, songs and music, poems, memories were heard near the Birch. We all recalled the kind word of all the heroes and participants of those far years of the war, those people who allowed us to live! And again from tears to smiles on the faces of people that day was just a moment!
We are happy and proud to hear about this story and about this tree. Glad that open and save one more page in the history of the Great Victory!
Our beauty birch - weeping, one of the all birch trees that grow in the yard. An amazing coincidence. Almost to the ground hang gentle touching weeping birch branches. Crying is 72 years old birch, weeping for all those who did not live up to the Victory! Crying that we remember. Crying, never to have tears in people's eyes, tears of terror war. Crying, so that we can rejoice, to live and be happy.
This is happiness! We need to see and know those who gave us this victory and our lives; we should be friends, you have to love and remember. Thank you very much. Victory Day is held, but the victory is always with us, every day of our lives! Live long, be healthy, happy and loved! Thank you for your feat. We remember…


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