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                        News – Merry Christmas And Happy New Year        


Merry Christmas And Happy New Year


Our dear friends!

What do you remember during the magical time of the New Year and Christmas? Do you remember your childhood dreams and faith in miracles, gifts and family gatherings, the warmth of candles and the warmth of hearts, your dearest and closest people?
A time, a time that never stops. Time flowing through life. Time, which with every moment takes us far away from fate! If not for our memory, what would we know about the wonderful world in which we live?!
Remember, friends! Do not be afraid of memories. It is in the memory, sensations, impressions that the happiness of the depths of our life is hidden! It is your memories and impressions that no one has been given to take from you! Your memories are the only thing that will always be only yours!
Remember only the good, learn to accumulate in your memory only good, bright and joyful moments, so that for bad memories there simply is no place left in your memory! Enjoy the miracle of memories!
Our Garden of the Soul remembers, too. Every year, like all of us, our beloved Garden is getting older. Now he is on the verge of his anniversary year - the 145th anniversary! Garden remembers people whose hearts and souls breathed life into it! The Garden also recalls the bright, good, generous family of Russian merchants Bobrov from Tver, who, 145 years ago, presented the world with an amazing chamber corner, a family estate, which was destined to become the Tver Botanical Garden - the Garden of the Soul!
Lovely, kind, beloved, our friends! Let your life be so beautiful that only the brightest, joyful, warm, bright, tender, sincere memories fill you! May the world be kind to you! Let life open for you its most amazing secrets! May your loved ones be healthy and happy! Let the series of memories never stop and may even after many years your children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren remember all the Holidays that they spent with you as a joyful miracle! Friends, be loved! Let the world, life, loved ones love you and you too love! Love no matter what, love, even in spite of! Love, because Love will warm your hearts and souls and breathe in you all the happiness of the world!
And we love you, hope for you and believe that we will always be there and will be mutually loved by you!
Happy New Year and Merry Christmas to you, our dear friends!
Hug you!
Sincerely, Garden of Souls and Merchants Ilya and Adele Bobrov!
(always yours Yuri Naumtsev and the Botanical Garden of Tver State University)



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