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                        News – Merry Christmas And Happy New Year        


Merry Christmas And Happy New Year


Our dear friends!
We are all looking forward to the New Year and Christmas again!
We are waiting for miracles, we are waiting for magic, we are waiting for joy, we are waiting for gifts, including gifts from life! Sincerely and truly, only children are waiting for these wonderful Holidays 🙂! Children now don't think about anything except Holidays! And here we are adults?
We always have so many thoughts 🙂, but very often about what is not always the most important thing in life! And the most important thing is sincerity! Only children have the secret to always be sincere!
We wish you sincerity - from your beloved and dear people, from your friends, from every day! But, most importantly, we wish you to be sincere with yourself! It is not easy, we agree, but this is the only way to remember yourself in childhood and again understand and feel that not so much is needed for happiness - love, health, understanding, heart warm! And the more sincerely you yourself give love, understanding and heart warm, the more comes back to you!
Take care of your loved ones, take care of yourself, now it is very important, but ... it's always important! Care, attention, patience, affection, kindness, a warm hug, gentle kiss - this is never too much! Of course, you can say that now hugs and kisses are not always possible - then a kind word! Just be kinder! Just smile more often, even to yourself 🙂!
Open gifts and champagne bottles, sing, dance, light candles, eat a lot of sweets :)) and… be happy! Wait for miracles, and they will definitely happen!
Happy New Year and Merry Christmas!!!
With love, sincerely yours,
Yuri Naumtsev and the Garden of the Soul - - Botanical Garden of Tver State University!



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