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                        News – The Botanical Garden is like an art-pedagogical educational space!        


The Botanical Garden is like an art-pedagogical educational space!


28.03.2021. The Botanical Garden is like an art-pedagogical educational space! In the garden living room of the Botanical Garden of Tver State University, a presentation of a project of an interactive art-pedagogical environment prepared by students of the 44th group of the "Fine Arts" direction of the Institute of Pedagogical Education and Social Technologies of Tver State University took place.
Creative projects that reveal the functions of the botanical garden as a public educational space were developed as part of the course "Technologies for creating an art-pedagogical environment" under the guidance of a senior teacher, master of landscape architecture Lilia Sharafieva.
Relying on the image of the Little Prince welcoming the guests of the Garden at the entrance, future teachers of fine arts have created a project, thanks to which each guest of the Garden can walk the path that will help him feel like a part of nature.
Communicating with the Little Prince and his friends: Fox and Rose, traveling around the Garden, actively engaging in interaction with art objects, guests, as planned by the students, will be able to:
- improve your communication skills with nature and people by playing creative communication games, depicting plants and exchanging seeds and helping the Little Prince send Letters to Rose;
- recharge your health by completing simple and fun game tasks on the Health Trail;
- to comprehend the possibilities of caring for nature and the consequences of pollution through available experiments, taking care of the "Living Water";
- to investigate the structure of plants, the meaning and place of each in the ecosystem, adaptability to different environmental conditions, flying on the plane of Antoine de Saint-Exupery, from one planet to another;
- learn to create inspiring images by yourself and share them with others, by being included in the living process of education.
The uniqueness of the project created by the students is not only in the fact that they developed the concept of an art-pedagogical environment and thought out a system of art objects for each route, but also in the thoughtfulness of the event scenario, which will show the guests of the Garden the possibilities of each functional zone and the route laid in it.
According to the head of the group of students Lilia Sharafieva - “It is very important for us that education is a living, creative process that returns the beauty and harmony of man with nature to the world. And we hope that thanks to the creativity of the students themselves and feedback from the Garden specialists, this project will come true in life."
Friends, Garden of the Soul also sincerely hopes that we will be able to implement the ideas of students in the territory of the old Garden of the Park for its guests.







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