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Garden as a family


19.11.2017. Garden as a family. Botanical gardens! If you in your life did not have to work in the botanical garden or at least cooperate with the botanical garden, then it is difficult to understand. Understand the sensations that embrace a person when he does not just come to the botanical garden to look, relax, take a walk, learn something new. A special feeling when a person can communicate with people for whom the botanical garden itself is not just a place of work, but a part of life. Botanical gardens, like the particularly spiritual and human islands of life itself in its lightest manifestations. Botanical gardens are not institutions, they are not just places in space, and it is much larger. It's feelings, it's emotions and time, it's people, it's nature, it's alive in the most beautiful manifestations of life - it cannot be described in terms or words, it can only be understood and felt. This way we feel the family atmosphere and can never fully explain what the family means to us. In the botanical garden is exactly like that. And this is a gift of fate, when your destiny is intertwined with part of the history and life of the botanical garden.
But, there are Gardens in which this feeling of the family is particularly reverent. This is the Botanical Garden of Batumi. Blessed Adzharia, Green Cape, distant 1912. It was in this year that the birth of this Garden, thanks to the efforts of Academician Andrei Krasnov, thanks to the tremendous level of his professionalism, but, most importantly, thanks to his endless love for the nature of this blessed corner of Georgia. 105 - it was such a wonderful anniversary celebrated Botanical Garden of Batumi in early November! It is symbolic that the moment of the celebration of the birthday of the Garden was timed to the birthday of Andrei Krasnov himself. How do botanical gardens celebrate their birthdays? In different ways :) and equally :)! How was it in Batumi ?! - International symposium and scientific discussions - it should be noted that the program of the symposium in Batumi was so interesting that I did not want to sleep during the meetings :)! Acquaintance with the Garden of Batumi and its collections is a blessed, luxurious oasis, in which love and soul are embedded! Travel to the mountainous regions of Adjara - fascinating views, unique flora, impressions with the fragrance of the Satureja and the tenderness of Colchicums! Acquaintance with culture, traditions and gastronomy - wise and tasty feasts, many-voiced tunes, cultivated with love the earth! Fragrances of smoke of domestic hearths, golden persimmon, late grapes, fragrant mandarins and apples! And, finally, the Birthday of the Garden! It is a real birthday - with numerous guests and congratulations, speeches and toasts, smiles and memories, songs and dances, treats and birthday cake! And a full sense of the fact that all this huge number of people are relatives, and the Garden is a real member of this big family! And we are all welcome and long-awaited guests! Family celebration! Holiday of the Garden! The feeling of gratitude for the given Holiday, still does not leave the soul and heart. Thanks to our dear and beloved friends!
Adzharia, like most of the regions of Georgia, is truly unique. This land has managed to preserve unique landscapes, natural communities and traditions. Traditions of careful, wise and rational communication with nature, the traditions of cultivation of land and ecological agriculture, traditions, knowledge and skills of life next to plants, not only in culture but also in natural nature. It is a great happiness that it is still possible to see, learn, and it needs to be saved!!! Save not only for Georgia, but for the world. It is a great happiness that government officials understand this. We with sincere joy visited the highland region of Goderzi, where a new mountain botanical garden was organized. This is a terrific project! We congratulate the Botanical Garden of Batumi with the birth of a new member of their friendly family. As part of this trip, we managed to see the land, people, nature and culture - Mingrelia, Guria and Svaneti. These are impressions that wash the soul! This understanding of the importance of land, culture and traditions of its use, this work is a great work! People live on the earth for many millennia, but here in Georgia you understand that people continue to not only live on earth, but continue to love and appreciate it and this gives hope! Hope that we will be able to restore the delicate balance between the desires and aspirations of people and nature.
Sincere thanks to the mayor of Batumi and the leadership of the Botanical Garden of Batumi for the invitation and hospitality! Thanks to the Administration of the Tver State University and the Garden for supporting this trip.
Transparent air of the high mountains of Georgia, the sweet air of the coastal plains of Georgia, like the breath of a loved one! Wise earth and wise people, who, like all of us for happiness, need only peace! Happy Birthday dear friends, Happy Birthday dear Botanical Garden of Batumi! Live long, be happy, love life! After all, life loves you, once gave you the opportunity to meet sunrises and sunsets in Paradise! :))


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