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                        News – Garden filled with light, stars and dreams!        


Garden filled with light, stars and dreams!


26.10.2017. Garden filled with light, stars and dreams! "Journey through the Milky Way" is an amazing and magical Festival for Romantics in the Garden. The dark and cold October evening in the old garden park becomes heartfelt and warm thanks to the light of the hearts of people who come to the Garden for a date. On a date with poetry and music, on a date with a dream! It was a beautiful, magical and unforgettable evening.
The Garden and the Commonwealth of Writers of the Upper Volga Region give this Festival to all who believe in the miracle of life, the romance of life and the dream of the beautiful Star Bridge of lovers - the Milky Way. It is to the stars, love, kisses under the Moon and dreams flying away to the stars that we again and again devote this Festival to the Garden every year. For the first time this year at the Festival held the opening of the competition of recitation of poems for children. Charming children delighted the guests of the Festival with the verses of Balmont, Mayakovsky and many other authors. The musicians presented live music to all guests of Festvial, and poets - wonderful poems. The winner of the children's contest of recitation was five-year-old Anya Zakharova. A special prize was a six-year Misha Boyarsky. To make a competition for children was a real experiment, and we can say with confidence that it was completely successful. From now on the scene of the Festival "Journey through the Milky Way" will be opened not only for the masters of the word, but also for the young reciters.
In the magic park of the Garden, above the crowns of century-old trees is a starry tent, and under the trees the candles were lit, like the reflection of heavenly stars. The poetic lines and musical passages in the garden's night park allowed the gaze to penetrate the clouds and see distant stars and planets. The whole evening the poets and musicians were the guides of the guests of the Garden on the "Star Bridge-the Milky Way". For one evening, even adults became children, listening to songs about stars, about love, autumn and romance, plunging into poetic images. Together we drank fragrant tea from a real samovar, basked at a real fire, looked at the fire and dreamed.

The garden is very romantic and spiritual place! But romance ... it's not just a beautiful word, it's a special state of Soul.



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