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                        News – Where pancakes there and we too :)) - Garden Maslenitsa!        


Where pancakes there and we too:)) - Garden Maslenitsa!


26.02.2017. Where pancakes there and we too :)) - Garden Maslenitsa! Maslenitsa - the ancient tradition of the wires of winter and spring meetings. For a week for several centuries in Russia dedicated live communication with family, friends and relatives. Hot and round, like a long-awaited spring sun, the pancake has become a gastronomic symbol of Maslenitsa.
Unfortunately, after many years of Maslenitsa for many of us it has become merely a pretext and time eating pancakes. But the "roots" and the meaning of the holiday is much deeper, serious and significant. And again we were reminded of the "roots" is the time to think about our ethnobotanical project "Back to the roots", which Garden lead more than 10 years. And therefore the main participants on this Garden Maslenitsa were our wonderful friends - Folk group "Vesnyanka". Vesnyanka - it's a family team, a team of friends and associates. And although there are a lot of people of different ages and backgrounds, and not all of them relatives often have the feeling that they are really a real family! Many years Vesnyankas participants went through the villages of Tver region and are trying to restore the tradition of the people and remembered the signs of our region. Vesnyanka became not only the guardian of the folk wisdom, and surprisingly hearty source of folk wisdom. The songs and sings, dances and stories, recipes and traditions, games and practices of Tver Region come alive with Vesnianka on our holiday. Together we remember, and often first learn about how to be wise, observant and generous soul of our ancestors was. How much do they know about the world of nature, and as they could for her to follow, appreciate and cherish it. So many children are always on holiday - there are who transmit knowledge and traditions.
And the pancakes on Maslenitsa, too, our Garden :) certainly were), there is no equal to our friends from the club gardeners Pimpernel. There was also a brand botanical tea from a samovar, the present, and Maslenitsa burned :)) to winter receded quickly, and spring quickly melted the snow and decorated the ground with flowers.
Back to the roots! For us, our garden and our friends and guests is not regret the past, the knowledge of traditions for the path to the future. This is a sensitive love of the people for peace and the wildlife, it is faith and hope that we can, keeping the tradition to preserve nature!


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