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                        News – Secret Gardens in the heart of a "warm" city        


Secret Gardens in the heart of a "warm" city


02.09.2017. Secret Gardens in the heart of a "warm" city. In the heart of the city, as if descended from pictures from a fairy tale book, hidden from the eyes and winds in the gorge of the Tsavkisiskali River, as a rare jewel in the casket, lies the botanical garden of Tbilisi - the National Botanical Garden of Georgia. The river Tsavkisiskali for centuries deepened the disintegration between the ridges and eventually dug a narrow canyon, it was here, as if a secret and beautiful fairy country stretched on the slopes of this amazing Botanical Garden.
Thanks to the long friendship between our Gardens in general and between the directors of our Gardens in particular, at the personal invitation of the Director of the National Botanical Garden of Georgia, an official working visit of the Director of the Botanical Garden of Tver State University Yuri Naumtsev to Tbilisi. A lot of events were planned within the framework of the visit, and the program of stay in Georgia was unusually rich. Despite the fact that for the director of the Botanical Garden from Tver this is not the first visit to this beautiful country, this time the program of stay and work was drawn up in a unique way. After all, Georgia is really a special country, and Tbilisi is really a special city. The extraordinary attraction of these places has its explanation, and one of the most important explanations is the interpenetration of nature and folk culture, faith and national traditions, national art and psychology of the country's space, respect for the thousand-year history and an innate desire for a new one. All this, in an amazing way, it turned out to be laid and combined within the program of a working visit to the National Botanical Garden of Georgia. And it certainly was possible due to the fact that the working visit from the very beginning became friendly and was built on the basis of trust and mutual respect.
The most important was acquaintance with the complex potential of the National Botanical Garden of Georgia. The National Botanical Garden of Georgia is an excellent example of preserving the traditions of classical fundamental and applied botanical science and unique collections and an obvious desire for modern techniques, innovations and approaches. The territory of this garden from expositions to collection funds pleasantly surprises with order, well-groomedness, quality of species composition and the actual state of the samples. The great progress in the development of the infrastructure of the Garden itself is obvious: road-trotting networks, signs and labels, irrigation and drainage system, event zones and visitor-center, vending network and much more at the present level and at the same time are largely original. Widely used secondary and natural material for the formation of infrastructure modules in the Garden. With the support of foreign partners at the completion stage, there is an installation for the equipment of a modern seed bank. The Garden implements at the regional, national and international level a number of projects in the field of protection of rare and endemic flora species of Georgia, both in situ and ex situ. The scientific potential of the collective has been preserved, in which highly professional leading scientists transfer their experience to the young. Of course, there are still many goals in the Garden that need to be realized, but the dynamics and understanding of the need to develop a new modern Development Strategy is incredibly encouraging. At the moment, this document is in the final stage of development with the participation of world experts from the world's leading botanical gardens and BGCI. Key points of the Strategy for the development of the National Botanical Garden of Georgia were also discussed between the two directors. The experience of developing and implementing such a strategy in the Botanical Garden of the Tver State University can also be used by our Georgian friends. Yuri Naumtsev presented to the staff of the National Botanical Garden of Georgia a presentation on more than 20 years of experience in the revival and development of the Botanical Garden of the Tver State University, which reflected the main directions of the development of botanical gardens at the present stage of society development.
In a completely unique way, a further program of stay in Georgia was drawn up and implemented. It was a really thought-out and even somewhat unexpected "alorithm" of building a visit and communication. But this is the only way to understand and feel the peculiarities of national spiritual formation of a national character in order to fully understand and reveal the goals and ways to achieve them for the Strategic Plan for the development of the National Botanical Garden of Georgia. Ethnographic village: discussion of the traditions of construction of wood and natural materials, taking into account the rocks and processing features, weaving, pottery and other applied crafts, the peculiarities of growing and storing agricultural products, especially vegetable raw materials, ornamental traditions of decorating dwellings on the basis of plant symbolism. Symbols of the Orthodox faith of Georgia - ancient temples and monasteries of Tbilisi, Mtskheta, Jvari, Gergeti: awareness of the mentality of the people, veneration of traditions, ornamental motifs in carving, fresco and icon painting. Natural landscapes and communities specially protected natural areas - Tbilisi National Park, natural landscapes of mountainous areas on the route Tbilisi - Stepantsminda (Kazbegi): initiatives and practices for the development and management of nature protection projects, principles and methods for preserving unique natural complexes and communities. National museums and galleries: the history of the development of the territory of the country and the formation of the people's identity, the traditions of the multicultural community of the peoples of Georgia, unique artistic approaches and the people's sense of the world. And of course, certainly the gastronomic traditions of Georgia!!! Yes, this is such a fantastic "kaleidoscope"! It was a completely mutual school of enlightenment, education and building communication in the form of live communication methods of immersion in space! Terrific!
We are sincerely grateful to the National Botanical Garden of Georgia and personally to the Director of Dr. Tomas Darshidze for the invitation and development of the working visit card. Special thanks to Tinatin Barblishvili for the tremendous work on the organization of the working visit. Sincere thanks to the employees of the National Botanical Garden of Georgia for their help and support during the preparation of the visit and stay in Georgia. Gratitude of the Administration of Tver State University and the staff of the Botanic Garden of Tver State University for supporting the possibility of this working visit.
Heartful secrets of the secret Gardens of the "warm" city of Tbilisi and beautiful Georgia! Words - what words can you find in your honor to show respect and love?! But is it worth to look for them, if they are not only pronounced, but also sung in beautiful Tbilisо́ "(Georgian: თბილისო) - one of the most famous Georgian songs, the hymn of Tbilisi.
"Do not find in other parts of your beauty,
Without you, life is not nice to me either. - სად არის სხვაგან ახალი ვარაზი,
სად არის ჭაღარა მთაწმინდა. »


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