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Plants for you and your garden



The Perfect is near!

Plants decorate our world and our lives! Actually, they largely give us life. How to pick up them right? How to take care of them? What plants are right for you, your garden and your home?
We will answer all your questions. We offer you a wide variety of plants.
Why do we say that? – Simply because we know all about plant!
We grow plants. We research plants. We love plants!
We do not deceive you. On the territory of our garden you can see your plant even in 50 or 100 years! You will find that all the plants grow well in our climate. We will show you how and where we grow plants for you.
We will teach you to care for plants. We will grow the plant for you to order.
Our Garden is located in the city for more than 130 years. Where else can you find such assurances?
Visit us, it so beautifully here. Really beautifully! Our plants are our life! Let the plant be in your live. You’ll enjoy!

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