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                        News – Tet Nguyen Dan        


Tet Nguyen Dan


13.02.2021. Tet Nguyen Dan! New Year according to the lunisolar calendar. Tet Nguyen Dan, Feast of the First Morning, Feast of Blossom and Spring - this is what they call it in Vietnam.
On the eve of the Lunar New Year, an Exhibition dedicated to the traditions of Tet Nguyen Dan opened in the garden living room of the beloved Garden of the Soul.
Tet Nguyen Dan is the most important and favorite family holiday in Vietnam. It was during this period that the rains end and the piercing winds stop blowing, the buds of trees and flower buds bloom.
Festive table decoration, special national traditional dishes, including New Year's rice cake in banana leaves Ban Chung, the ceremony of laying the "five fruits" on the home altar, bright silk clothes and lanterns, red greeting envelopes, orchids and branches of a blossoming peach ...
The exhibition in the garden living room, from 13 to 28 February, introduces the guests of the Garden to the traditional Vietnamese woodcuts of Dong Ho by the hand of the master Nguyen Huu Sam from the personal archive of the Dao family. Dong Ho's paper, dyes, splints are of plant origin. Even many of Dong Ho's woodblock prints include images of plants or their derivatives. The guests of the Exhibition can see New Year's calligraphic inscriptions Thu Fap, ritual objects and ethnic clothes of Aozai, made of natural silk in a festive manner. The sweet scent of "lotus" sticks, which are lit in houses, temples or on street altars, hovers in the garden living room.
Partners and co-organizers of the Exhibition - friends of the Garden, the Dao family and Viet Cook | cafe of Vietnamese cuisine.
The exhibition has become a part of the international ethnobotanical project "Return to the Roots", within the framework of which the Garden not only learns and opens for you, friends, the traditions of other countries and peoples, but, and this is the most important thing, restores, preserves and maintains the traditions of our multinational country and peoples who live in it. And very, very many folk traditions are based on deep knowledge and respect for wildlife and its resources, including plant resources. At the opening of the Exhibition, guests could personally meet and communicate with the ladies of two generations of the Dao family. Learn how to make yellow and pink peach flowers from paper for New Year's decoration at home, taste exquisite natural teas with flowers, fruits and herbs and sweets. Guests could understand the meaning of Dong Ho woodcuts and the symbolism of plants and fruits for the Tet Nguyen Dan holiday. One could learn to dress and wear traditional holiday clothes. And among the greenery and flowers of the Green Home, plots with Vietnamese beauties seemed to come to life.
And yet, although we never focus on this forced habit :)), the guests in masks looked very natural :))). After all, wearing masks on the face has already become a tradition for Southeast Asia, including Vietnam, so even masks added ethnic flavor :)).
Knowledge and preservation of traditions is the essence of the Soul of every nation, and this time it was our Vietnamese friends who managed to make a real Holiday filled with home warmth, bright colors and a heartfelt atmosphere. The garden and its guests are sincerely grateful!
We welcome spring and the rebirth of a new life, despite the fact that the old park of the Garden of Souls is still covered with snow and sleeps under a white blanket. The First Morning Holiday brought to the snow-covered Tver the aromas of blooming forests and gardens of Vietnam and confidence in the coming Spring!


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