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                        News – In pursuit of the Summer        


In pursuit of the Summer


29.07.2017. In pursuit of the Summer. Is it possible to catch up on the sly Summer? It is necessary! :)) And again Summer goes quietly, then we caught up with him in the Garden without hurrying up - practically "riding" on snails :))! Bright, hot, joyful - that's it - Summer :)))! Finally, this season it is incredibly pleasing to us, according to the present summer weather and mood. So it's time for one of our most loved family Festivals, whose long-standing tradition, and rather even the favorite event are "Snail Runs"!!!
Yes, yes, you did not misinterpret - "Running snails". We make special running fields and run our runners on them :)! The undoubted stars of the races always remain grape snails that live in the Garden Park for more than 100 years, Of course, so long the snails do not live :))! Run on the speed of the distant great-great-great-great-grandsons of those very first snails :)! By the way, about how many snails live, how they eat, how they are born, what they love and what they do not like. What they are, and which do not happen at all, it was possible to learn at the Festival from our wonderful expert Albina Mostovaya. Albina brought her pets to the Garden - shrub snails and her first favorite - snail Marta :)! And Albina arranged almost the whole movie or, rather, a slide show with stories about the secret life of mollusks in general and snails in particular.
Snails could also be made with their own hands, together with the Creative Workshop of the Academia Educational Center and Svetlana Mantrova. That's really who has the golden hands, so this is Svetlana. Practically nothing - disposable plates, procrastination, paper, she can do herself, and most importantly, teach each and every guest of the Garden to produce a real artistic masterpiece on its own. This time, as a masterpiece, of course, turned out bright and funny snails.
The opportunity to get rich, to paint and also make yourself memorable loved by amusing figures from a salty dough was presented to the guests by the Fairy Dinh-Din's Fairy, and, in combination, the wonderful animator Anna Chernyatina with the support of the team of the Karandashok magazine.
The garden and its guests are sincerely grateful to all our friends who helped with the organization and holding of this Festival!!! But in the Garden, there were undoubtedly snails! Many many snails :)))))! This day snails are not just in the center of attention at the guests of the Garden. They are real stars of the day! Guests of the Festival choose for themselves pets among grape snails that live in the Garden Park, and many bring home their own snails runners. And grape snails, and shrubs and achatin and others. With soft honey colors, guests paint a snail's "house" and everything - a handsome runner is ready for competitions. Although many guests have a lot of their own secrets to preparing snail champions for the races. It is no coincidence that there are especially gifted snails-runners, well, or sliders :)), which win for their owners-coaches not one but several prizes. The prizes traditionally become sets of bulbs of tulips, which the Garden gives to the fastest snail-champions.
Although the family festival with snail runs in the Garden is a long-standing tradition, we continue to explain every year that this festival does not bring up cruelty to the world of wildlife in children. We'll never agree! On the contrary, small, quiet, inconspicuous and sluggish snails - who knows what about their life? Do we often notice them at all? Do we understand how important they are for balance in nature? Our Festival allows both children and adults to immerse themselves in an absolutely fabulous, lively and real world. Keep in hand the fragile and such glorious beauty snails. Much to learn about them and their habits. Literally dissolve in emotions. And, you know, we are more and more convinced from year to year that this Festival is very much like snails too :)))! In the houses they do not hide, "horns" move, creep willingly and along the running fields and bails and legs of the guests :)). And the number of grape snails in the Garden Park is increasing every year at a high rate. And we begin to think that communication with people very positively snails encourages :))! We sincerely believe that our guests, even once holding hands in the hands of live snails, will never later offend them. After all, they hold in their hands an amazing fragile, but such a real life!
The real life, the joy of life, the delight of life, the memories and impressions of life in the Garden and with the Garden - that's it, the real happiness of life! And Summer we caught up and even overtaken :))) even if only for one day, but this day, perhaps, will be for the guests of the Garden the brightest day of this summer.


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