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                        News – In pursuit of the Summer        


In pursuit of the Summer


05.08.2018. In pursuit of the Summer. Traditional, family, cheerful, gambling, kind, interesting, cognitive and, one of the most favorite Festivals in the Garden. The name of the festival "In the pursuit of summer" is very symbolic :). In the first - August, the last summer month and so want to hold Summer for some time. And so that Summer does not run so fast, we catch up with him on top of the snails :))! After all, we are sure - Summer is very kind and Summer will wait for us and slow down :)), after all we are going after him not very quickly :))!
Snails are unquestionable Stars of this Festival !!! And we are infinitely glad to this, because we definitely understand that without each of the living beings the world of living Nature will not be complete and harmonious. But the mollusks are so quiet and invisible! How many people know the meaning of snails, about their habits and their lives? Do people often find time and desire to observe them, hold them in the palm of their hands and feel their tender and gentle touch? So, on our Feast in the Garden you can do this and many other interesting things.
Of course, the central event of the Festival is the running of snails :))! All for real, for the Olympic judging system, with excitement and enthusiasm, and even, with the rates :))) - for sweets :))! Multicolored running fields, like round targets from which one runner after another :) "swiftly" flies out! Prizes and gifts, happy and surprised eyes of children and adults and so much love !!! Love for such a defenseless and such a kind world of living nature!
Snails on this day were everywhere and in everything :))! Funny snails from paper and old newspapers on the creative master class of the Center "Academy" and Svetlana Mantrova. Bright snails in the art master class of the young artist Alexandra. Snails cut from tui at the garden master class of the "Garden of Joy" center. And how much new and interesting it was possible to learn about the life of snails from the speech of young Albina Mostova! Under her guidance, a truly scientific experiment on observing the life of grape snails in the Garden was laid right on the Feast. The snails were marked with indelible markers and a special passport was filled for each snail. The Garden and its guests are sincerely grateful to all our friends for their help in organizing and conducting the Festival! Thank you and you, our wonderful guests :))!
There are no unnecessary trifles in the world, everything in life has its significance, every minute you need to rejoice and pay attention to the smallest miracles and then you will be truly happy! That's about this our Festival! :)))


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