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                        News – Spring mood        


Spring mood


06.03.2021. Spring mood. On the eve of the wonderful spring women's holiday, a creative spring master class was held in the garden living room. Your favorite Garden of Soul and artist-designer Linda Klyavina were invited to start celebrating spring! Moreover, we started :)), we started brightly, pleasantly and very very beautifully! Under the guidance of the master, the guests of the Garden painted silk scarves using the batik technique! However, it is symbolic that the subject of the painting was beautiful tulips, one of the most beloved flowers of spring. In the old park of the Garden, there is still snow and, despite the coming calendar spring, it is very frosty :), but in the garden living room, bright tulips were blooming on the delicate silk.
Artist-designer Linda Klyavina promised - “An excellent result is guaranteed! Everyone will succeed! ”, But she is a master, she can be sure of success. And success really did not take long. Linda is also a great teacher. Of course, the tulips for all the guests of the master class turned out to be different, more precisely of different varieties and colors :)); however, this is how it should be, because the emotions, mood, and character of all people are different. And just as every amateur florist chooses his own varieties of tulips for his flower garden, the participants in the master class “grew” each of their beautiful flowers on silk.
Creativity undoubtedly decorates our life, makes it brighter, warmer and brighter, and gives positive emotions. And the guests of this wonderful master class also received a personal fashionable silk accessory with a hand-painted floral motif, which they took with them! Thanks to the sorcerer Linda Klyavina, who was able to help her students literally "breathe life" into flowers on silk.
The spring mood is with us and it depends only on us whether it will help us bring closer the onset of warmth and the flowering of real long-awaited tulips in the Garden of the Soul! We are sure it will help and the flowers of spring are already very close!



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