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"Green" music


11.05.2017. "Green" music. Every year, when the spring comes, and in the Garden Park, the first leaves start blossoming on old trees, we are waiting for our favorite musicians. We really love them, they are loved by our guests, and they finally adore our Garden :)!
The "Dragon Fly" group is extraordinary! "Green Ladies" and one cavalier :) play the magic music of the "Green" Island - Ireland. They play the original instruments, which are rarely heard so easily - the Celtic harp, dulcimer, Irish bowran, flutes. Their music, really, like a fresh spring greens of tender foliage envelops the park of the Garden and its guests.
The musicians of "Dragon Fly" not only perform musical compositions, but also talk about the features of sound production, the history of instruments, and also give an opportunity to everyone to try to sit down for instruments and feel like a real harpist, cymbalist or bouranist! A real musical interactive express academy in the Garden Park for adults and children of all ages.
Such concerts of ethnic music became an indispensable and welcome moment of the ethnobotanical projects of the Garden "Back to the roots" and "Corner of the People's Soul". At the last concert of the group "Dragon Fly", which was held in the Garden, again was unusually beautiful and soulful. Again, as always, despite the unusual coolness for May, the music brought to the Garden Park a fresh breeze of distant green islands in the ocean, the taste of fresh spring greens and the expectation of a miracle that is always performed - the miracle of the music of life!


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